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This is a list of planned changes for the next version of Twilight.


[edit] General

  • Line effect spells now start a little closer to their origin to avoid missing units that are immediately in front
  • [Bugfix] Higher upkeep levels could be reached with sufficient energy

[edit] Perks

  • Wealthy perk's gold per minute reduced to 15 from 35
  • Bounty Hunter perk now adds a constant 200 gold per kill
  • Focus now grants an additional 300 maximum mana

[edit] AI

[edit] Commands

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Candleburg

[edit] Kedge's Landing

[edit] Gloomreap Mire

[edit] Stormwail Peak

[edit] Verdant Falls

  • Invisible heroes no longer count towards Font control

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Elven Battalion

[edit] Aeromancess

[edit] Arcane Archer

  • Scout
    • Mana cost increased to 150 from 20
    • Cooldown increased to 120 seconds from 20

[edit] Blazing Priest

[edit] Divine Wizard

[edit] Infiltrator

[edit] Mystic Swashbuckler

[edit] Rune Knight

  • Catapulting Sigil no longer works within the area of an active font battle

[edit] Soul Binder

[edit] Tactician

  • [Bugfix] Would rarely be deleted upon dying

[edit] Time Cleric

  • Phase duration reduced to 4 seconds from 8
  • Forks no longer count towards map objective control

[edit] Combos

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Acid Reaver

  • [Bugfix] Could sometimes get stuck when interrupted while casting impale

[edit] Arboreal Crusader

[edit] Arcane Mistress

  • Haunt's Spectral Assault talent's chance to spawn additional attacks reduced
  • [Bugfix] Infernal Binding had an unintended jump in damage for level 6

[edit] Colossus

[edit] Crest Witch

  • Drown cooldown increased to 120 seconds from 90

[edit] Dread Shaman

  • Totemic Mastery
    • Totem sizes significantly increased
    • Earthbind Totem's slow scaling reduced
  • Mass Regeneration's mana cost increased
  • Twist of Fate
    • Area reduced
    • No longer works within the area of an active font battle

[edit] Elder Treant

[edit] Grim Hag

[edit] Icespinner

  • Brain Freeze
    • Duration reduced to 30 seconds from 90
    • Mana cost scaling reduced

[edit] Master of the Hunt

  • Lunge in combination with Dire Howl
    • Previously was not benefiting from the increased damage against spawns, now will receive the full heal but only up to the amount of health the target had remaining
    • [Bugfix] Was only returning 30% health instead of 50%

[edit] Scarab

  • Retribution
    • Base duration is now a constant 12 seconds
    • Effect now ends when silenced

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Ascendant

[edit] Behemoth

  • Maw of Death mana cost increased
  • Brainlust's health restored now scales from 20% to 35%, from 10% to 60%

[edit] Defiler

[edit] Emberwraith

[edit] Forlorn Martyr

[edit] High Oracle

  • Clairvoyance no longer removes mind debuffs on the hero
  • Mindstab base damage scaling increased
  • Zen Archery: Zen Shot
    • Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 45
    • Knockback distance reduced
  • Geyser building damage increased to 20% from 5%

[edit] Incarnation

  • Dark Altar no longer has reduced healing for undead deaths

[edit] Nephilim

[edit] Putrid Eidolon

[edit] Sorrow Liege

  • Forlorn Crown
    • [Bugfix] Aura of Focus had no effect
    • [Bugfix] Aura of Warding's effect was stuck at level 1
  • Royal Guard's cooldown reduced to 25 seconds from 30

[edit] Combos

[edit] Fel Horde

[edit] Crimson Squall

  • Dominant Blow
    • Intelligence's area of effect damage range reduced
    • Reduced number of bolt segments used for the intelligence ring
  • Overwhelm
    • [Bugfix] Had an unintended range bonus
    • [Bugfix] Did not count as a silence for certain effects
  • Shift Tactics now restores 30% health if changing highest attribute and 20% if not, up from 25% and 15%
  • Crash
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Mana cost reduced
  • Surge
    • Intelligence's effect range reduced
  • Duel
    • The target attempting to flee the arena will now first be thrown back to the middle and stunned for 0.5 seconds up to two times

[edit] Glacial Tyrant

[edit] Scarlet Maiden

  • Base armor increased to 12 from 6
  • Damage against stunned heroes increased to 35% from 25%
  • [Bugfix] Soulmate's debuff on breaking duration had no duration
  • [Bugfix] Fluster did not count as a silence for certain effects

[edit] Mercenaries

[edit] Blackguard

  • Base armor increased to 15 from 12
  • Attack damage increased
  • Doom Hammer's cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 18
  • Shadowclap's mana cost scaling reduced
  • Demonic Weapon's life steal significantly increased

[edit] Fire Knight

  • [Bugfix] Flashfire's talent Burning Blades was not giving the appropriate damage bonus

[edit] Stormweaver

  • Elusive Mead duration reduced to 10 seconds from 15
  • Thunderstorm damage scaling reduced

[edit] Wretched Chef

[edit] Units

[edit] Neutral

[edit] Elven Battalion

  • [Bugfix] Invigorate upgrade would enable an old Dragonfire upgrade on Dragonhawks that was meant to be disabled

[edit] United Creeps

  • Arachnathid's Sting upgrade no longer affects heroes

[edit] Grim Brigade

  • Abomination's Disease Cloud upgrade no longer affects heroes

[edit] Fel Horde

  • Brute's Intimidate upgrade no longer affects heroes

[edit] Items

  • Staff of Negation no longer affects the user

[edit] Consumables

  • Wand of Dispel no longer affects the user

[edit] Equipment

  • Tiara of the Stars duration reduced to 3 seconds from 8
  • Dragontamer's Helm's magic damage reduction reduced to 25% from 40%
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