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[edit] Summary


Strength 20 +1.95
Agility 16 +1.75
Intelligence 19 +1.85
Primary: Strength
Chrona Timebender

Time Clerics are often little more than historians, but their powers of the flow of time can be used in battle as well. Typically they remain aloof from conflicts, but the impending cataclysm has drawn Chrona to become involved.

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[edit] Skills

[edit] Phase [Buff]


Hotkey: Q
No School

Innate Mana cost 80 Cooldown time s Range

Removes a target hero from combat. Lasts 8 seconds.

This can help teammates or disrupt enemies. Good for helping out a teammate who is in a friendly base that is being chased by an unrelentless hero killer that won't give up, leaving that player with the decision to wait 8 seconds or leave the base. Against enemies it can be used to disrupt channeling. If an enemy hero is alone in front of a giant wave of creeps, you can use phase on him, making the creeps walk past him and within 8 seconds he will come back and be surrounded by even more creeps.

[edit] Echoing Strikes


Hotkey: W

Deals a small amount of damage, and causes the enemy to suffer some extra damage if it take damage in the next few seconds.

[edit] Degeneration [Nuke]


Hotkey: E

Accumulates energy to be dealt to the target when the spell stops being channeled. Every second channeled adds X damage. All damage is dealt when casting stops as long as the target is still within range. Channels 6 seconds.

Good to annoy channeling enemies with. A good situation to use it in is when a low health enemy is stuck in some creeps and there is no way for them to escape. If you do use it on an enemy with an escape route, you can press stop or use phase to release all the damage you've channeled. It is evocation, so its damage is increased by Felskin Gloves, Gloves of Evocation, and the Staff of Mana.

[edit] Rapid Healing [Single Target Heal]


Hotkey: R

Heals a target friendly unit instantly for X hit points, and a further Y hit points over Z seconds. Also increases attack speed by 20%

This is what makes the Time Cleric a... Cleric. Her only healing spell, makes for some good initial healing and some over time healing. Targets heroes only.

[edit] Ebb and Flow[AoE Debuff]


Hotkey: C

Creates a pocket of slowed time, reducing the attack speed by X and movement speed by Y of enemy units in its area. Also creates a pocket of hastened time at Chrona's location

[edit] Fork


Hotkey: T

Creates a clone of hero, Clones move and act independently. You can freely move between clones by selecting them.

Clones take damage every second that increases over time, but whenever the clone is swapped, the clone will not take damage for 30 seconds and the damage will be reset.

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