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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
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Bhekar Ro

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The Blazing Priest is by far one of the most useful characters in EotA. He is the best, and probably the only, true siege hero of the elves. He is great support, and can literally raise an army from the dead. The Blazing Priest, while he has no nukes, can raze bases by level 20, if you are strategic enough.

The Blazing Priest must be played both strategically and recklessly. At times, you must sacrifice yourself to the last possible moment to raze some buildings, at others you must decide which spells are more important, and you must decide at what time you must use a spell for the best effect.

The Blazing Priest's main use is a sieger, so you generally get the best spells for that purpose. His builds focus on sieging bases, not on PKing. If you select correctly, the BP can become a much more versatile hero in late game.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Blazing Hammer [Debuff/Passive]


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost N/A Cooldown time N/As Range

passive: deals damage over time to buildings when attacking. The DoT prevents repair and reduces attack speed. Active: summons flames over time to damage enemies.

A very useful spell. It deals damage to all buildings except obelisk towers, and will prevent repair for a period of time. You want to attack all buildings in a base if possible just for this effect. Has a talent That increases the power of the pasive DoT.

[edit] Chasten [Debuff/Hero Target]


Hotkey: W

A melee attack that deals damage, damage over time, and stuns. If the priests strength is greater then the targets, it will also knock the target back.

Repeated hits can stack the DoT damage.

[edit] Flame of the Devout [AoE Heal/Ward]


Hotkey: E

Heal per Second

By far, the Blazing Priest's most useful spell. This spell heals spawns, and heals you, which can turn the tide of a push, and can also keep you alive during a full-out assault. Has talents that allow the flame to chase after the hero.

[edit] Kindle Faith [AoE Buff]


Hotkey: R

Raise armor and attack damage. Also raises intelligence of heroes.

This spell, when coupled with Phoenix Fire, can help a great amount. The armor boost decreases damage, and the damage boost will help units overcome the enemies to push fast.Has a talent to grant melee spawns some extra damage.

[edit] Phoenix Touch [Summon]


Hotkey: C

Raise fire based skeletons. The summons have a fiery aura, and can be exploded for AoE damage. Higher levels gain a ranged attack.

One of the most useful spells when leveled fully. This is the BP's most useful spell for hero killing at higher levels, and can also be used to quickly take out towers and bases when the duration is long enough. This spell is a mana hog later in the game, when the summoned units are over 80 mana each. Make sure you always have enough mana for a Firestorm and a Flame of the Devout.Has talents available that increase the AoE of Kaboom!! sacrifice ability.

[edit] Firestorm [AoE Damage/Channel]


Hotkey: T

Channels a large Area of Effect damage over time.

The siege spell. This spell can destroy bases at higher levels, and can also do massive amounts of damage when at higher levels. This spell can be coupled with a spell such as Hold Person or Ensnare to kill a hero at level 4, although this is an unusual circumstance.

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