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[edit] General

Candleburg is the smallest map in EotA. It's a single-laned vertical map in which the sole objective is to destroy the enemy's base. This is mainly done by taking control of the Explosives Laden Zeppelin and pushing it into the enemy's base.

[edit] Explosives Laden Zeppelin

After five minutes, a zeppelin will spawn in the middle of the map. The zeppelin is controlled by the team that has the most heroes near it. It moves towards the enemy base and explodes on the first enemy building it comes into contact with.
The zeppelin takes time to accelerate and decelerate based on how long a team has been controlling it. Note that the number of heroes near the zeppelin will not affect the speed.
The zeppelin explosion deals up to 1200 damage based on the distance from the center. 75% of the damage done to any structure that survives is deducted from its maximum health. Enemy units caught within the explosion are stunned for five seconds.
Once the zeppelin explodes, a new one spawns after one minute.

[edit] Barracks

The barracks is located near the exit of your base. Elite units may be purchased at the barracks for energy, each costing a single point of energy (the building's mana). The barracks automatically gains energy slowly, and can hold a maximum of 12 energy.

[edit] Strategy

The only way to obtain crystal is to kill opposing heroes. Because there is no way of obtaining power, there are no tower cores. Therefore, the only way to obtain additional units is to buy mercenaries or make use of the barracks. Since this is a small map, experience is not split between heroes. The team's hero composition and teamwork are the main factors to winning.

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