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[edit] Introduction

This hero is a pretty good hero, i like him and how he works, he is not that hard to use either. He is a mild tanker (meaning he can tolerate damage to a degree) and is an attacking class hero (Can kill heroes or units by attacks). If you like to kill heroes, choose this hero, he even has a support skill if you don't want to use his hero killer abilities.

Below are some skill combinations to use at the starting of the game, they are just focused compact combos rather than triple skill combos which i find to be less powerful, if you can get enough crystal then knock yourself out to any third skill you want.

[edit] Lunge and Hamstring

The most common skills chosen with this hero are Lunge followed by Hamstring, both are pretty good because they will make you automatically attack the target you Hamstringed or Lunged.

- Lunge is just a melee blow which gains bonuses from your strength, with this you can aquire some hitpoints to survive, while dealing this deadly blow it will cause a deathblow on the enemy and then you can hamstring the target making him vulnerable to attacks and your attacks can critical strike against the target.

[edit] Lunge and Howl

This is actually an extremely good combo if you wanna tank or keep your units alive longer. You start with lunge like normal but the secondary skill will be the Howl which gives surrounding enemies a high chance to miss attacks, this can allow for tanking and keeping your units alive longer.

Where lunge comes in is the fact that is requires strength to become stronger, so getting strength will increase your health allowing you to survive even longer with the help of the Howl, allowing yourself to be a successful tank to those against you.

If you get healing items like potions or the Amulet of Health (permanant health), you can nullify damage done to your hero, keeping in mind that you have enough mana to use the Amulet of Health

[edit] Dreamrun and Lunge

This combo can be useful, not many players spend full points into dreamrun but doing so is much better for this combo. If another hero runs faster than your hero, just Dreamrun to them and Lunge, you can do this multiple times once your cooldowns on both abilities are finished.

You can strike running away enemies with a deadly hit constantly until they die, thats the good part. This is not the best combo though even if you want to kill heroes, use this when trying to kill almost dead heroes.

When enemies are basically all the way across the map, with a high level Dreamrun you can easily speed over to the location and intercept the hero with a deadly blow, strength items are needed, get as many strength items as you can, get rings of Strength +6 because no other items give a worthy amound of strength for the cost.

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