Soul Binder

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[edit] Summary


Strength +2.3
Agility +1.7
Intelligence +1.6
Primary: Strength

Hero history/fluff info goes in here

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[edit] Skills

[edit] Entrap Souls


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost 0 Cooldown time s Range

Removes corpses in a small area with each corpse restoring mana to the Soul Binder.

[edit] Incineration


Hotkey: W

Deals damage and knocks enemies away from the Soul Binder. Repeated casts have a reduced mana cost and deal more damage to units previously hit by Incinerate.

Enemies closer to Soul Binder take more damage. The knockback can be used to slow down a fleeing enemy hero or trap a hero in spawn waves.

[edit] Soulstrike


Hotkey: E

Deals damage to an enemy hero over 6 seconds, every half second there is a 50% chance to briefly stun target.

Talent can add chance for a longer stun.

[edit] Mend


Hotkey: R

Consumes mana for a large self heal

[edit] Decoy


Hotkey: C

Turns Soul Binder invisible and makes a visible, controllable clone. The clone gains abilities with more skill points.

The Decoy can cast Entrap Souls, Incinerate, Soul Strike, and Mend, but their level is restricted by the level invested in Decoy. The Decoy will not copy Soul Binder's items.

[edit] Rend


Hotkey: T

Creates six orbs around the Soul Binder which can be thrown at locations by right-clicking. Orbs will explode and cause corpses in the orbs' vicinity to explode. Explosions can damage buildings.

Great for destroying towers at the end of a long siege battle. If the Soul Binder does not manually throw all of the orbs, the orbs will be randomly flung in a direction

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