Gloomreap Mire

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Gloomreap Overhead.jpg


[edit] Gloomite Mining

The metagame for Gloomreap Mire involves gloomite mining. There are four dig sites located in each lane. When a team summons a Digmaster at a site for 250 gold, it creates AI-controlled workers that mine gloomite (the green crystals you see in the above map). As long as the Digmaster is alive, more workers spawn until the limit is reached. The amount of gloomite your team mines determines how many tower cores are generated. In addition, if your team mines 40% of the gloomite, you will be able to purchase the Artifact for 25 crystal in the center of the map.

[edit] Victory Conditions

  • Destroy enemy HQ
  • Retrieve the Artifact

[edit] Murloc Trader

There is a special Murloc hut that sells items near the outskirts of the bases. It also sells a Murloc Slave which can build several spawn towers unique to the map.

[edit] Lore

Gloomreap is where the Fel Orcs and Undead fought a battle over where they believed the artifact was.

[edit] Lanes

There are four lanes in Gloomreap Mire, each with their own dig site. Map control is essential. Tower cores and mercenaries give a larger advantage than other battlefields since there's only one spawn wave per lane.

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