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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
Primary: Intelligence
Kuri Shockhands

Hero history/fluff info goes in here

An offensive caster with just a bit of support. One big detail is his 3 offensive spells can all be interrupted. Two of them you can cause to accidentally fizzle with a move command give near the same time as casting.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Elusive Mead


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost Cooldown time s Range

Allows the hero to short range teleport repeatedly for 15 seconds.

3 seconds between each port, 5 teleports total. Teleports are used automatically if the caster right-clicks on a target point relatively far away, but it can get her stuck.

[edit] Lightning Tether


Hotkey: W

Deals constant damage between the target and caster

It can be focused on a point of ground or a unit. The tether moves between the caster and the target point or unit. If the unit is an enemy, they take damage as well. The tether breaks if the caster or the target unit leaves the tether's range, the caster gets stunned or silenced, or the target unit dies.

[edit] Twister


Hotkey: E

Temporarily turns allies into tornadoes that deal constant damage.

Tornadoes have 100% evasion, so they only take damage from AoE spells or the barrage from towers. Usually the melee line is a great target for this, but note that the damage they will do while buffed is magic, so they will pass by golems, leaving ranged troops unprotected

[edit] Snowblast


Hotkey: R

Shoots multiple projectiles that deal area damage and chills

The projectiles explode on the first enemy hit. Damage is done in a cone shape. Chilled units receive 50% of the blast damage. Does reduced damage against buildings.

[edit] Healing Rain


Hotkey: C

Heals the area around where the hero was 2 seconds prior over time.

Can be useful for sieging as the heal can sustain ranged troops. It's unfavorable if the caster needs to escape.

[edit] Thunderstrike


Hotkey: T

Allows multiple lightening strikes anywhere on the map which do damage and knocks back enemies

Does 25% damage against units already struck. Deals reduced damage against buildings. This can interrupt enemy teleports or strike down fleeing heroes. Helpful with allies that can provide vision.

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