Arboreal Crusader

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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
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[edit] Skills

[edit] Sentinel


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost Cooldown time s Range

Calls an owl to watch an area from a tree

[edit] Gale


Hotkey: W

A blast of wind deals damage an pushes enemies back

[edit] Tangleweed


Hotkey: E

Summons a plant ward that will immobilize enemies after a few seconds.

Places a long duration ward on ground, after about 5 seconds, the ward turns invisible, only then can the tangleweed be triggered. Holds for 8 seconds on units, only 4 on heroes. Rather good at level 1, but damage don't scale with anything. Cooldown does decrease with level.

[edit] Cure wounds


Hotkey: R

Heals a single target

Heal based on distance from hero, caps at 9xintel. If caste on self, it triggers at max. Cooldown decreases with level

[edit] Geomancy


Hotkey: C

Grants different abilities depending on what terrain you are standing on

Quickstep from roads(movespeed buff) Bog Gas from sunken ground and shallow water(AoE sleep) Raging Tides from deep water and bridges(summons a water elemental) Sun Burn from short/light green grass?(AoE armor debuff) Giant growth from middle height/dark green grass?(HP reset and max HP+damage buff for one spawn) Forestwalk from even darker grass that is normally under trees?(invisibility, but movement speed debuff) Gaia's Blessing from rocks(self damage and strenth buff)

[edit] Force of nature


Hotkey: T

Summons a giant wisp that rams enemies, damaging them and knocking them back

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