Kedge's Landing

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Kedge Side.jpg


Kedge's Landing is one of the playable maps in EotA: Twilight. It contains two lanes with various outposts along each from which a team's troops spawn. Instead of using obelisks to gain an advantage over the opposing team, as in Stormwail Peak, a system with moontears is used that is similar to "Capture the Flag." The map is suitable for any number of players.


On the east lane of the map, in the center of the lane, objects called moontears spawn every midnight in the time cycle. A team may obtain one of these by having their hero pick up the moontear and charging it with the holder's experience gain. A hero that is killed holding the moontear will drop it, allowing it to be picked up again.

On the west lane of the map, there are towers which can be captured by either team's Tower Captain, which periodically spawn with the spawn waves. To capture a tower they must be neutral. To neutralize a tower that is already captured, the team must deal enough damage to the tower so that the tower captain inside dies. The cannon towers are particularly important in helping control the east lane of the map, due to their long-ranged splash damage shots.