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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
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[edit] Skills

[edit] Chilly Sacrifice


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost Cooldown time s Range

Kills targeted allied spawn,creates a web in the Icespinner's inventory, and heals him

Creates one web in the Icespinner's inventory. The web can be used to capture an enemy hero for 3 seconds or an enemy unit for 12. A useful skill for trapping enemy heroes. It's important to note that webs are normal items (consumable, stackable) and can be given to other heroes on your team. The command -split # can be used to split up the webs from one inventory slot to two so you can give some to another hero while holding some yourself.

[edit] Ice Lance


Hotkey: W

The Icespinner fires a lance of ice at a target unit, dealing initial damage and then damage over time.

Deals int-based initial damage to a target and then int-based damage over time. The Icespinner's main anti-hero spell. The damage is quite high and can be boosted by both intelligence and items to increase evocation spell damage.

[edit] Frost Spire


Hotkey: E

Creates an attackable Frost Spire at a target point, which damages nearby enemy units as long as it is alive.

Creates an immobile "Frost Spire" unit that does Intelligence-based damage to nearby enemy units. This is the Icespinner's main AoE spell. It does solid damage, and can take out Ranged/Caster creeps once fully levelled. It isn't as useful to defend against pushes, however, because an enemy hero can simply manually target and kill the Spire.

[edit] Glacite


Hotkey: R

Creates several clones of the Icespinner. The clone's attacks heal the real Icespinner, and they freeze their attacker when destroyed

[edit] Brain Freeze


Hotkey: C

Interrupts, silences target for a few seconds, and debuffs their Intelligence for a very long duration.

[edit] Blizzard


Hotkey: T

Creates a snowstorm that slows units and damages buildings.

The Icespinner channels a snowstorm that does int-based damage to enemy buildings and slows enemy units. The Icespinner's primary siege spell. The damage to towers is decent and affects a large AoE, but it's easily interrupted by enemy heroes.

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