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[edit] Summary


Strength 16 +1.8
Agility 20 +2.2
Intelligence 17 +1.65
Primary: {{{Primary}}}
Serra Moonslayer

The Infiltrator is one of the deadliest heroes in EotA, but requires an experienced player who can wait for the right moment to deliver the deadly attack. You must be able to predict what your enemies will do. Invisibility is your most trusted ally and also the easiest way for players to counter you.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Blitz


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost 50 Cooldown time s Range Self

Allows the Hero to become invisible, and move 30% faster for 180 seconds. If the hero attacks a unit to break invisibility, it will do 25 bonus damage. The transition to become invisible happens over 4 seconds, during this time the hero can still be attacked.

Great for getting into place for an Attack of Opportunity, or running away from enemies. Since it lasts so long you can stay hidden for a while, making them think there is nobody in your lane.

[edit] Attack of Opportunity

Deals large damage to a single target who has their back facing the Hero or is Stunned (Held, Ensnared, Sleeping). The base damage is equal to X, with random additional damage up to Y times the Hero's Agility. The actual damage done is then modified by the angle between the Infiltrator and the target, with a minimum of 75% if the target was Stunned and can only deal a maximum of 50% of the target's max life. The attack is wasted if the target isn't vulnerable.

The Infiltrator's main hero killing skill, can deal massive or pitiful amounts of damage lategame due to the random component. In the beginning, this skill is threatening as the base damage is high for a level 1 skill.

[edit] Explosives


Hotkey: E

Places an explosive charge that can be detonated at will, to deal X damage to surrounding units. The detonation takes 2 (less with talents) seconds to activate, and the resulting explosion deals damage to all ground units in the area, both enemy and allied. Allied units take reduced damage.

Make sure not to kill yourself or allies with these! They can do massive amounts of damage when clustered together, and can kill trees. Try to anticipate enemies coming and detonate them early, due to the 2 second delay. When 1 detonates, it will start a delayed explosion on other explosives, so you can make a chain. You can also select a group of them to make them all go off at once.

[edit] Smoke Bomb


Hotkey: R

A cloud spell that reduces the accuracy of enemy units and towers.

[edit] Elusive Flair


Hotkey: C

Basic blink skill with lots of extra effects added on to it.

Great escape skill, can also be used to setup for an Attack of Opportunity if Blitz is on cooldown.

[edit] Sabotage


Hotkey: T

Deals a random amount of damage to a building based on its missing health.

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