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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
Primary: Agility
Joram Sunrunner

A swordsman whose body has been severely deformed by a rare disease, he has been on a constant journey to find a way to heal his body.

The Mystic Swashbuckler is a great hero killer. He can also be used to kill troops, though he does not do well against larger groups of them.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Flurry [Proc Buff]


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost N/A Cooldown time s Range N/A

Each attack has a 10% to increase the hero's attack speed by 150% for 2 seconds.

A nice little damage boost to have in any situation, but has a low enough chance that it shouldn't be counted on to help you kill a hero.

[edit] Dash [Damage, Teleport]


Hotkey: W

The hero dashes in a line through to target location, dealing damage to enemies he passes through

A great skill utility skill. Demoralizing blow has a much higher damage for actually killing heroes, this skill is better used to its teleport to either chase after a hero or run away if your low on health. Can also be used while solo in a lane to help kill creeps.

[edit] Keen Blade [Buff]


Hotkey: E

Gives the Hero a chance to deal a critical strike (3x normal damage) when attacking for a short duration. Lasts 20 + 0.1 * Int seconds.

A better skill the higher your attack speed, this can help greatly with the killing of a hero if Demoralizing blow leaves it with a lot of health left.

[edit] Demoralizing Blow [Nuke, Debuff]

A powerful blow against an enemy hero that demoralizes surrounding enemies, reducing their attack damage.

The Swashbuckler's most powerful skill, with enough Int you can easily hit an enemy for around 1/2 their max health. Not much strategy to it's use, just hit the enemy whenever you can.

[edit] Pilfer [Stun, Random items]


Hotkey: C

Stuns the target for a very short time and causes them to drop some of their gold coins around the area. Also grants the Swashbuckler a random consumable item if he has inventory room to hold it.

The stun duration is not really long enough to do much other than land a good Demoralizing Blow. Never go for the coins after hitting the hero, come back for them after the hero is either dead or back at their base. The place where this skill really shines is the random items. Some of the possible items are an Invisibility Potion (20 seconds), 2 types of healing potion (250 and 500 health), Bombs (Targeted AoE damage), Knives (Fan of Knives ability), a Speed Potion (30% move speed), and best of all, an Assassin's Flask, which gives 200 bonus damage upon breaking invisibility.

[edit] Mockery [Aoe Hex]


Hotkey: T

Turns surrounding enemies into chickens for a short duration.

Best used in the middle of a large creep wave, can also be used to stop a running hero. If you use it in the creep wave, this skill combined with Dash can usually let you destroy large creep waves alone

[edit] Strategy

While where to put your points and exactly what items to get are under Builds, there are two main ways to play Swashy:

The first way is using stacking lots of agility, combined with the Bladestorm talent to proc Flurry. Most skill points go towards maxing Keen Blade

  • Great against slow moving heroes or heroes with no escape skills
  • Effective on towers as well
  • Not mana dependent
  • Works good on high health (not armor) targets as well as low


  • Is not very effective until late game
  • Not effective against high mobility heroes
  • Not effective against heroes with a very high armor
  • Requires you to stand in place while attacking the hero, leaving you open to attacks

The second is using Demoralizing Blow and Dash to surprise and nuke heroes.

  • Great against low health targets, mainly casters
  • Good against very high armor heroes, since Demoralizing Blow ignores armor
  • Very useful against Heroes that have a lot of escape skills
  • Highly mobile, don't have to stand in one place too long


  • Can cost lots of mana
  • Can't be used against towers to siege
  • Less effective against high health heroes

[edit] Builds

[edit] Build 1: Demoralizing Blow

  • Skill Points: The main priority should be on maxing Demoralizing Blow, then Dash for escaping. The last two ranks of Dash can be skipped in favor of more points in Pilfer or Mockery
  • Talents/Altar: Sheep Strike is a gamble, and costs a lot of crystal to max. If you have the crystal to spare or like depending on luck it can be a very useful talent to have, otherwise spend it on a few armor upgrades and extra skill points, with the rest going to Intelligence.
  • Items:Sorcerer's Robe should be the first item you get. After that, any orb will work, depending on the situation. If the game is long you can also get either Gloves of Evocation or Ring of Wisdom
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