Crimson Squall

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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
Primary: Agility
Vek Noraan

A hero that changes playstyles with a different highest attribute.

One of the few Fel Orcs respected enough to be allowed to operate autonomously without constant demon supervision. In addition to commanding a raider fleet, Vek is a master swordsorc well versed in a variety of combat styles.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Shift Tactics


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost 50 Cooldown time s Range

Increases attributes randomly and restores health and mana.

[edit] Dominant Blow


Hotkey: W

A single target attack with a different effect depending on the hero's highest attributes.

[edit] Overwhelm


Hotkey: E

Applies different debuffs if the hero's attributes are higher than the target.

[edit] Crash


Hotkey: R

Moves to a target point with different effects depending on the hero's highest attribute.

[edit] Surge


Hotkey: C

A supporting effect dependent upon the hero's highest attribute

[edit] Duel


Hotkey: T

Removes non-heroes from the arena and gives bonuses to the surviving hero.

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