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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
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[edit] Skills

[edit] Rune of Fortification


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost Cooldown time s Range

Increased armor, Bonus regeneration (buildings only)

This spell adds 12 bonus armor and 2 hitpoints per second to any allied structure for 600 sec. The Rune Knight can excel at defending bases early on with this skill.

[edit] Siphon Glyph


Hotkey: W

Mana drain, Area damage

This spell summons a glyph that drains mana from an enemy unit over time and does damage to the surrounding area equal to the total mana siphoned. Note buildings are also damaged by this spell.

[edit] Imbued Equipment


Hotkey: E

Bonus damage, Armor Reducing attack, Magic absorption, Small area of effect damage

Imbued Equipment is an activated ability with several passive skills. It reduces damage taken from spells by a percent, Adds bonus damage, reduces enemy armor upon attack, and can be activated to do a cone-shaped aoe in front of the hero in short range. A talent can increase the short range.

[edit] Rune Shell


Hotkey: R

Damage Absorption

Rune shell creates a magical barrier around a target hero that will block damage to that hero until the shell breaks. New shells can stack 50% onto old ones, and it cannot be dispelled though certain hero skills can diminish shield health.

[edit] Catapulting Sigil


Hotkey: C

forced movement

Places a rune on the ground. Any unit on rune or walks into it are moved in direction they are facing. Higher levels move farther and have an increased channeling time. Also interrupts casting.

[edit] Grand Rune


Hotkey: T

High area damage

The rune knight summons a ring of destruction around himself, dealing high damage to enemies inside. Typically is only used against creeps as the 3 second cast can leave enough time for enemy heroes to escape. Note that the area improves considerably with each level

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