Arcane Mistress

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[edit] Summary


Strength +
Agility +
Intelligence +
Primary: Agility

Hero history/fluff info goes in here

<Character debrief>

[edit] Skills

[edit] Restlessness


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost Cooldown time s Range

Passively raises uncontrollable skeletons from decaying corpses to fight for you. Can be manually casted to raise a small group of skeletons around a target point.

The active can be a useful skill to block enemy heroes, especially when the talent to control the skeletons is taken. The number of skeletons increase proportional to Arcane Mistress's level. Skeletons are magic immune and their duration can be increased by a talent.

[edit] Infernal Binding


Hotkey: W

Turns a target hero ethereal for a short time and summons 6 ghosts to launch an attack.

Infernal Binding lowers the targeted unit's movement speed by 100%, which is basically an immobilize unless the unit has its speed increased from a buff. Ethereal units take 25% increased magic damage and healing and are immune to physical damage. They also cannot attack or cast most physical spells.

[edit] Black arrow/Necrotic Shot


Hotkey: E

Adds passive damage to her attack and places a debuff on enemy units that cause them to explode upon death. Can be activated to drain health from an enemy hero along with reducing their healing by 50%.

Can be used on ethereal units.

[edit] Mind Fog


Hotkey: R

Creates a fog at the targeted area which silences enemies.

Has a short cast range. Does not affect flying units.

[edit] Haunt


Hotkey: C

Has three different effects based on the target. When used against non-hero enemies, summons untargetable ghosts to attack in the vicinity. When used against an enemy hero, summons ghosts that periodically try to collide with the target to deal damage. Against buildings, stops them from attacking while making them take damage.

The effect against non-hero enemies is the weakest; it is generally better to use Black Arrow or Wail to clear creeps.

[edit] Wail


Hotkey: T

Has a high chance to kill non-hero enemy units. Enemy heroes and surviving units will be stunned.

This needs to be channeled for a short while. Does not affect magic immune units.

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