Verdant Falls

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Verdant Falls Angled.jpg

[edit] General

The latest map to EotA. It consists of 3 lanes and many trees.

[edit] Fonts

Battles revolve around controlling Fonts. Warnings of Font battles are given 20 seconds beforehand. Fonts are captured after one team manages to kill or drive out the opposing team.

During the battle, heroes give no gold bounty and a reduced crystal bounty. They will also respawn only after the shrine capture is finished. These rules do not apply to heroes uninvolved in the Font battles.

Fonts have an activation phase, shown by the two statues channeling. Once the phase ends, tower cores are awarded to each team based on the number of heroes in range.

Winning the battle will result in a special spawn wave attacking a random lane. Repeated capture of the same Font will result in stronger spawn waves; however, if the opposing team manages to recapture that Font, the spawn waves will be reset.

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