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[edit] Summary


Strength 18 +
Agility 14 +
Intelligence 19 +
Primary: {{{Primary}}}

While most clergy work towards converting the unfaithful, Xeldarith is a true zealot who uses his divine powers for the complete destruction of evil.

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[edit] Skills

[edit] Open Portal


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost Cooldown time s Range

Creates a portal at casting location, other heroes can click it to summon them to the Wizards location

[edit] Holy Strike


Hotkey: W

Targeted AoE damage

Has a talent to do bonus damage to enemies in the center of the AoE

[edit] Energy Drain


Hotkey: E

Channeled AoE DoT, restores DWs mana based on amount of damage done.

[edit] Displacement Field


Hotkey: R

Creates a trap that returns all enemy units to its location after a delay

Enemies can outrun traps effect. Both trap size and max range of teleport get larger as leveled up. Has a talent that will gradually pull units into it.

[edit] Empower


Hotkey: C

Raises allies Evocation and basic attack damage for a short time. DW also gets some extra attack damage for a longer duration.

This can allow for some MASSIVE nukes with other evocation based heroes. Has a talent that refunds some of the mana you use while under this buff.

[edit] Vengeance


Hotkey: T

An attack that deals more damage the more you are hurt. Also heals you for some of the damage done

This can deal a lot of damage when you are nearly dead, but has a shorter range then the rest of your skills. Also, even at max power, the heal still isn't very much unless fully talented.

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