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[edit] Summary


Strength 18 +
Agility 10 +
Intelligence 24 +
Primary: {{{Primary}}}

Sometimes refered to as an elemental of death. Created as a result of the demise of thousands, he has little purpose besides the desire to feed..

<Character debrief>

[edit] Skills

[edit] Avatar


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost 45 Cooldown time s Range

Increases attack speed and adds crit chance. Lasts 6 seconds + 1 second for every unit killed before Avatar was casted. Has a 20% chance to apply Mark of the Reaper debuff on attacked targets.

"When a target dies under Mark of the Reaper, the hero will regain 6% of its total health and mana. While under Mark, creatures are vulnerable to bonus effects from the hero's other skills."

[edit] Rend Soul


Hotkey: W

Deal damage to enemy heroes or instantly kills an enemy spawn. When cast on any enemy unit under Mark of the Reaper will damage near the targeted unit.

[edit] Moratorium


Hotkey: E

[edit] Gravebind


Hotkey: R

Roots and drains mana from a target enemy hero. If the target has Mark of the Reaper on them, it also summons a few skeletons to surround them.

[edit] Dark Altar


Hotkey: C

Summons an altar at the target point. Non-mechanical unit deaths in Altar's area of effect will heal allied units near Incarnation. Units under Mark of the Reaper heal 5x the amount. Units killed by Incarnation heal for 125% of normal.

Not much healing per unit killed, but it works on both allied and enemy deaths. Alter lasts for a long time unless destroyed

[edit] Bonestorm


Hotkey: T

Summons a large number of skeletons from corpses across the map.

Skeletons can be either melee or ranged. They are not very strong, but do hinder movement a lot. When first cast, they will attempt to move to the Incarnation, without attacking enemies they pass. You can control them to some extent but they are triggered to attack units whenever an order is issued to the Incarnation.

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