Stormwail Peak

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Stormwail Peak is the largest and oldest of the EotA: Twilight maps. It consists of five lanes that are interconnected by shortcuts and smaller paths, as well as two teleporters. From north to south, the lanes may be referred to as Top, Rock, Mid, Inn, and Bottom.


Obelisks are the key power generators of Stormwail Peak. To capture an obelisk, a player must build an Obelisk Capture Tower which costs 500 gold and allows heroes to teleport to it. Each team starts off with four "safe" Obelisk capture spots; the rest must be contended for. If one team captures the majority of Obelisks on the map, they gain access to the Artifact, which can be obtained with an Arcane Wagon for Victory.

Obelisk Locations:

  • Near Top lane, close to Blue's front base
  • In Blue's front base on Rock lane
  • On Rock lane near Red's front base
  • Two on Mid lane, one closer to Red's base and the other closer to Blue's base
  • On Inn lane near Blue's front base
  • In Red's front base on Inn lane
  • Near Bottom lane, close to Red's front base

Typing the command -o will ping on the minimap the location of all obelisks.


Because of the large nature of the map, battles tend to be sprawled across multiple lanes. Obelisk control is absolutely essential here; the more Obelisks you capture, the more power you gain, and therefore, the more cores are awarded, allowing easier control of lanes. The middle lane can be considered the most important lane as it has two Obelisks and allow easier access to Rock and Inn. Note that the front bases on Top and Bottom lane have one less tower than other bases.