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[edit] Summary


Strength 19 +1.95
Agility 22 +2.3
Intelligence 15 +1.55
Primary: Agility

Extremely flexible melee hero.

A demon seeking to use the undead to further his own ends, he weilds a vast array of abilities to lay waste to foes.

[edit] Guide

Nephilim (Neph) is a very versatile hero with a unique skill set in which any spell cast causes all of his abilities except his Innate to switch to a different skill..

Advantages of Neph are:

+ Very versatile with 26 spells total. Has heals, nukes, disables, and good utility.

+ Decent base damage and a fast base attack.

+ Several playstyles work well.

+ Makes great use of crystal as he can pump all attributes and skills and get solid gains from them.

+ Excellent attribute gain per level.


- Melee.

- Very limited Area of Effect(AoE) damage or debuff spells.

- No AoE buff to assist troops in fighting.

- Individual spells are typically weaker and less efficient than standard.

- Tends to deplete mana very quickly.

Base Dmg: 40-52. Has a Fast attack speed.
Base AC: 12
Move speed: 315

A Weapon Upgrade via crystal adds +6-10 damage, which is about average. It's actually pretty good considering his fast base attack speed.
Note that his total attribute gain per level is 5.8 which is very strong. Most heroes gain under 5.0.

[edit] Skills Chart

At any given time, Neph's current skillset will be one of the rows from the 5 rows. The same skills will always line up no matter what order they are chosen in. Using any skill will result in the row incrementing and the next set of skills available. Think of all 5 skills (4 masteries and 1 ultimate) as a Jackpot wheel, except each column is glued to the others so they all move together. Every use of a skill results in 1 click of the wheel.

War (W) Flame (E) Shadow (R) Blood (C) Ultimate (T)
Distract Scintillate Shadowveil Adrenaline Execute
Shred Blastwave Evasion Vampiric Bite Betrayal
Plunder Scorch Spellbind Life Tap Ignis Salvo
Retaliation Conflagrate Black Globe Pain Night's Eye
Swipe Flame Gate Duskslash Close Wounds Immortal's Breath

NY Version

War (W) Flame (E) Shadow (R) Blood (C) Ultimate (T)
Distract Scintillate Shadowveil Vampiric Bite Execute
Shred Blastwave Evasion Adrenaline Betrayal
Plunder Scorch Spellbind Life Tap Night's Eye
Retaliation Conflagrate Black Globe Pain Ignis Salvo
Swipe Flame Gate Duskslash Close Wounds Immortal's Breath

[edit] Skills

Innate: False Alliance - 90 mana. Indefinite duration. Forces a player to treat Neph as an ally, and thus cannot attack or hurt Neph. However, the player is still shown as hostile to Neph and if Neph damages the hero, False Alliance is broken. Do not overlook this spell as it cycles your skills and really irritates an enemy player

NY: The target is forced to treat the hero as an ally for 4 seconds. This no longer breaks on damage. The duration can be improved by the Diplomacy talent.

[edit] War

Retaliation - Anything that attacks Neph in melee range is instantly counter attacked. Thorns aura on steroids. A very strong skill, although it does require Neph to get beat up quite a bit.

  • 1: 25 mana. 20 damage + 0.5 AGI for 8 seconds
  • 6: 55 mana. 45 damage + 1.0 AGI for 18 seconds

Distract - Forces nearby enemies to attack a designated ally. Cannot be used on self! Main use would be to cycle skills though it can be used to interrupt channeling spells.

  • Has no scaling whatsoever!

NY: Cast range and the area of effect now increases. No longer has a 1 second cooldown.

Shred - Direct damage that requires melee range. Hits hard, but STR dependency and no range limits its usefulness.

  • 1: 30 mana. 95 dmg + 0.7 STR
  • 6: 75 mana. 270 dmg + 1.45 STR

Swipe - Direct damage to nearby foes in front of the hero.

  • 1: 65 mana 50 + 0.4 STR
  • 6: 160 mana 125 + 0.9 STR

Plunder - Melee range attack that steals gold, dispels 1 buff, and deals shield damage. This is your only dispel. Theoretically useful vs a foe with a powerful buff like a heal over time.

  • 1: 36 mana. 6-9 gold.
  • 6: 61 mana. 36-54 gold.
[edit] Flame

Scorch - Direct damage spell. Decent range. Usable vs creeps.

  • 1: 45 mana. 55 + 0.75 INT
  • 6: 125 mana. 145 + 1.6 INT

NY: A portion of the damage is now dealt over time. Range and damage has been increased

Blastwave - Small AoE blast that does minor damage and slows down foes for 6 seconds. A great utility spell for chasing a hero, especially right before adrenaline or a stun expires.

  • 1: 65 mana. 32 + 0.6 INT Also -20% move for 6 seconds
  • 6: 160 mana. 77 + 1.0 INT Also -50% move for 6 seconds

Scintillate - A very nice self-buff that restores mana over time and also gives an immolate aura to damage nearby foes.

  • 1: 45 mana. +150 mana over 30 seconds. 8 damage to surrounding foes.
  • 6: 60 mana. +350 mana over 30 seconds. 28 damage

Flame Gate - A short range teleport. Great for chasing, escaping, and quicker movement past cliffs,etc. Range increases as it levels up.

  • 1: 60 mana
  • 6: 35 mana

Conflagrate - Converts an area of trees into 3 tree warriors under your control for 30 seconds. A nice insta-meat shield for troops.

  • 1: 30 mana. 240HP, 11-13 damage normal attack, 0 armor.
  • 6: 60 mana. 620HP

NY: Trees now last up to 60 seconds and are much more suited to being meatshields. Also have lowered damage but their attack type has been changed to Siege

[edit] Shadow

Evasion - Adds physical evasion for 10 seconds. Not very useful for the cost and low duration.

  • 1: 30 mana. 10% evade for 10 seconds
  • 6: 100 mana. 45%

Spellblind - Silences enemies for 6 seconds, heroes for 3 seconds.

  • 1: 65 mana. small area
  • 6: 100 mana. much bigger area.

Dusklash - A very powerful Nuke at decent range. Does additional damage that is then healed a bit later. The idea is if the target dies, the heal is irrelevant.

  • 1: 45 mana. (60 + 0.8 x INT) 40% more temporary damage for 5 seconds.
  • 6: 85 mana. (130 + 1.3 x INT) 70% for 10 seconds.

Black Globe - A powerful spell that reduces armor on heroes for 90 seconds. Also makes 1 item worthless for a while. On a creep, simply Phases it out for a short time. (Note: Don't bother wasting this on creeps)

  • 1: 20 mana. -5 armor for 90 seconds. Itemhoze or creep Phase for 8 seconds.
  • 6: 35 mana. -20 armor. Itemhoze for 28 sec

Shadowveil - Immediately turns hero invisible and can pass through units. Does extra damage upon first hit. This is very nice for getting the drop on an enemy hero. Also great for pursuing since creeps cant block you. Very cheap mana cost.

  • 1: 35 mana. 12 seconds of invisibility. Attack adds 30 extra damage.
  • 6: 55 mana. 32 seconds. Adds 105 dmg

NY: Invisibility has been shortened to 10 seconds but now Nephilim gains a movespeed boost

[edit] Blood

Adrenaline - Self buff that increases attack speed and move speed. Cheap and effective for extra damage (siege) or to beat up and chase down an enemy hero.

  • 1: 40 mana. 15% attack, +10% move for 12 seconds
  • 6: 70 mana. 60% attack, +25% move

Life Tap - No mana cost. Converts 10% of the current health to mana at a fixed rate of 1 +0.01 STR mana per point of health. Really nice mid/late game since health is easier to regen than mana. This is the main reason why Neph does not have to depend on mana regeneration items later on and pretty much why Neph is even playable. Cooldown is reduced with each level which can make this a viable cycling spell.

Close Wounds - A single target heal over time. Very cheap mana cost and heals quite efficiently. Great combo with lifetap, since it's right after Life Tap.

  • 1: 40 mana. 18 +0.1 INT healed per second for 4 seconds.
  • 6: 90 mana. 38 +0.15 for 14 seconds.

Pain - A single target nuke that also stuns for 2 seconds. One of your few strong disables. A great spell that is used a lot. Unfortunately it does not level very well. Costs a lot more, but stun is the same and damage gain is weak.

  • 1: 50 mana 32 +0.65 INT and stuns for 2 seconds.
  • 6: 125 112 +1.23

Vampiric Bite - A melee range nuke that does damage and heals you for the same amount.

  • 1: 60 mana 45 +0.5 STR lifedrain.
  • 6: 155 105 +0.95
[edit] Power

Execute (40 second cooldown) - A very cool graphic single target damage/deathblow/stun. It has a surprisingly long range and teleports Neph to the target hero. Both heroes are paused throughout the spell. During the spell, Neph slaps the target enemy around a number of times equal to the spell level. Afterwards, the target is tossed to the ground where Neph originated and is stunned and takes damage.

  • 1: 200 mana - 150 damage +1 second stun
  • 4: 335 300 + 2.7STR +2.5 second stun

Immortal's Breath (30 second cooldown) - A solid one target immediate healing spell.

  • 1: 90 mana 300 +2.0 INT healed.
  • 4: 165 600 +3.5 INT

Ignis Salvo - Your only AoE nuke and it is a good one! Affects heroes, troops, and buildings. Generates fireballs that slowly home in on targets and do damage. A single target can only be hit by a certain number of fireballs.

  • 1: 140 mana 12 fireballs, (120 + 1 x Int) each, 2 hits per target max.
  • 4: 200 24 fireballs, (180 + 1.3 x Int) each, 3

Nights Eye (10 second cooldown) - Gives sight of all enemy heroes.

  • 1: 50 mana 10 second duration.
  • 4: 95 34 second

Betrayal - Causes a targeted hero to be treated as hostile to his own allied players. The primary use of this spell would be to prevent a hero from being healed by his allies or possibly cause their AoE spells to damage nearby allies.

(Pretty much breaks AI teams as they treat the target completely as an enemy)

  • 1: 60 mana 9 seconds duration.
  • 4: 105 mana 18 seconds

[edit] Skill Advice

You need 1 point in ALL skills, as this gives you versatility and the ability to Cycle. Cycling is the art of casting a cheap spell for little or no effect to get to a set of skills that you want. Example: You want to heal yourself with Close Wounds. You are at row 1. You can use Distract -> Blastwave -> Spellblind -> Retaliate -> Close Wounds. (Of course this isn't the most optimal of cycling but it can be the easiest that doesn't need to wait for as much cooldowns)

With that said, you should focus on two Masteries to maximize the benefits of scaling.

  • War - Provides decent AoE support and some utility. Notable skills: Shred, Retaliate
  • Flame - For a mix of nuking and utility. Notable skills: Scorch, Scintillate, Blastwave
  • Shadow - For a mix of utility and nuking. Notable skills: Shadowveil, Dusklash
  • Blood - Great for support and survivability. Notable skills: Life Tap, Pain, and Close Wounds
  • Power - Definitely invest in this as it provides more options that generally scale better than investing in a single Mastery. Notable skills: Execute, Ignis Salvo, and Immortal's Breath

[edit] Skill Combos

You'll notice that some spells are very good at cycling

PKing: Execute -> Shred -> Scorch -> Pain -> Dusklash

Longer PKing: Adrenaline -> Shred -> Scorch -> Retaliate -> Dusklash
Important for keeping pressure on when Pain/Execute cooldown is undesirable or unusable
NY: Replace Adrenaline with Vampiric Bite

Mana/HP recovery: Scintillate -> Evasion -> Life Tap -> Retaliate -> Close Wounds/Immortal's Breath Lifetap

[edit] Playstyle Options

Nuker (Evocation): Focus on Fire and Shadow. Grab Intelligence items and Gloves of Evocation. The main advantage of this is having the scaling that Evocation provides, especially on Dusklash, and larger mana pool. Beware of Neph's low survivability; he does not want hero fights to be protracted too long.

AoE: Focus on War and Fire to use Swipe, Retaliate, and Blastwave to fend off spawns. A mix of Strength, health, Intelligence items will help round off this build. This is a pretty balanced build, but the split between Strength and Intelligence can cause his damage output to be lower

Tank: Focus on Blood and War. Tank spawns with Retaliate and heal the damage off with Close Wounds. Grabbing Strength items will help although Intelligence can help with Close Wounds healing. Can be pretty difficult to start out with as he needs to farm quite a lot in order to get that survivability

Nuker (Mixed): Focus on Shadow and War. The main attractions in this build are using Dusklash, Shred, and Shadowveil. This does rely on killing enemies quickly to make the most out of Dusklash's temporary damage. Again, splitting between Intelligence and Strength can be difficult although it makes him more well-rounded. What this has to offer over the previous Nuker is that a stronger Shred can be important for getting the kills right after an Execute.

Is Agility ever an option? The only spell that directly benefits from Agility is the damage dealt by Retaliate. However, Agility is always useful to grab for any player killer hero as the extra movespeed and faster attack rate will help in hero combats. So don't neglect Agility for Neph, but it is not as important as it looks like.

DPS focus - This exploits Nephs utility spells, having heals, several ways to slow an enemy and one strong way to catch up to beat up enemy heroes and deliver lots of damage to enemy troops. With his high attack speed, and Adrenaline to boost even further, Neph only needs some additional damage. Mana is a big problem though so I would recommend getting the mana regen hat, or plan to make trips to the fountain a lot. That is all you really need. From there, Crit gloves or AGI gloves are good, as is leather armor and sun talisman. I would pick Blood for Adrenaline and healing, and Shadow for long lasting invisibility, black globe for armor reduction, and dusklash as a cheap finisher.

INT focus - I HIGHLY recommend this approach. The high INT gives you a much larger manapool and a quicker base mana regen rate (which will be multiplied by your mana recovery helm). These are extremely desirable since Neph burns through mana so fast. The concept is to do solid damage with your direct damage spells that depend on INT. Also, you can spam a LOT of skills and stunlock an enemy hero with Pain and Execute, with direct damage interweaved.

You want to crank up your INT and mana regen rates and spam your skills to harass and kill heroes. Lategame this is a killer with Ignus Salvo, as mentioned with the Ignus cycle technique earlier in the wiki.

Item wise, start with orb of skill as both AGI and INT are desirable. Second, grab that Mana regen helm! Pump both of these items up, and then grab the Sorc Robes for even more efficient INT gain.

I recommend Flame as your primary domain: Scintellate gives you strong mana regeneration and a decent Aoe damage buff. Scorch is your staple dmg spell, and even Conflag can help push. The cheaper flame gate is good for cycling since you can do a nowhere teleport. Blastwave will do AoE damage and snare a hero after an Execute.

Blood is your second school: Cure Wounds with high INT is a very solid healing spell, giving you two heals out of 5 skill cycles. Pain will do more damage, as will Vamp Bite (even though it is STR-based), and finally adrenaline is good for chasing and melee.

STR focus - The idea is to combine strong HPs, Retaliation which is Acid Sheathe on steiroids, and decent healing into one strong tanking package. For items, the Orb of Life is a solid start, followed by the Helm of HitPoints and the Armor of STR/armor most likely. Getting the talisman of the sun would be great if possible. Once again, mana is a big problem. Your main sequence will be retaliation followed by Lifetap (for a big mana boost), then Cure Wounds for a decent heal, Blackglobe&Shadowveil can be used for cheap cycling back to Retaliate. Execute, LifeTap, Shred, Globe, VampBite are STR-based skills that can crush any hero that gets too close. (Execute has long range remember) Blood is recommended for a powerful Close Wounds and Vampiric Bite. War is recommended for Retaliate since it is key. Shred can be used as well. Fire is useless, EXCEPT that Scintellate would be really really nice for both mana regen and immolate. But the 2 above schools are key for the build.

[edit] Items

As tempting as it is, Neph really does not need mana regeneration items. To start with, mana regeneration items are not that good in the beginning which is usually when Neph has mana problems. Later on, Life Tap should be sufficient to fix any mana problems.

A great item to begin with is Helm of Champions which provides him more mana and a nice Agility boost. It's relatively dirt-cheap for what it provides, which is great since Neph can have difficulty with farming. It can be worth replacing later for a helmet that has a much better socket upgrade, but its stat boosts are valuable enough to be kept in any build

Trapping Nets are a valuable consumable to invest in for the earlier PKing as Neph lacks the valuable Execute. Later on, they can still be useful for chasing.

Orb of Falling Ash can be hilarious for Neph to farm with as he can generally cast a spell/second.

Then items get pretty build dependent, but you should generally consider these rule of thumbs for items in EotA:

  1. Consumable items are more cost-efficient than permanent items
  2. Items with actives should be prioritized over items with no active (Orbs/Offhands). An exception is starting out with low gold as these items tend to be more expensive
  3. Prioritize buying and using items to counter an opponent's playstyle rather than just trying to get items to get a super strong hero
  4. Tempering one item is less cost-efficient than buying two items
  5. Rings are stupidly cost inefficient
  6. Artifacts are stupidly stupidly cost inefficient and should only be gotten when your team has the Artifact in your base
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