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[edit] Summary


Strength 22 +2.55
Agility 13 +1.1
Intelligence 17 +1.6
Primary: {{{Primary}}}

Elder Treants were created aeons ago by one of the gods, given sentience and druidic powers. They scorn lesser treants created by mortals as mindless imitations, and often brings cookies.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Eat Tree


Hotkey: Q

Innate Mana cost 60 Cooldown time 10s Range {{{range}}}

Consumes a tree to restore 300 health over 10 seconds.

Doesn't sound like it would taste good...and isn't this cannibalism? Has talents to increase the amount healed

[edit] Grasping Tree


Hotkey: W

Summons a tree which damages a single hero while alive and prevents that hero from moving or acting

The numbers look low, but it is a lot of damage. Very useful for when they are trying to escape, or to interrupt a spell caste

[edit] Taunting Treant


Hotkey: E

Summons a treant which periodically forces enemies to attack it

The treant has medium armor so ranged units don't do much damage. It also has a VERY long duration(atleast 5 minutes) so you can stack them up behind your lines to help later. Has a talent to reduce the damage the Treant takes, and another that explodes the Treant on death for minor damage.

[edit] Forest lord


Hotkey: R

Allows you to pick from 6 passive effects, only one can be active a time.

rubber tree -knocks back melee attackers. frostpine -slow nearby enemies move speed. ghoulroot -consumes a nearby corpses to regain life every 10(?) seconds. mana willow -gain mana when anyone castes a spell. pixie swarm- summons a small flock of flying, untargetable attackers. only names I can remember at this time.

[edit] Timber curse


Hotkey: C

Debuffs enemies in an area with reduced armor and damage.

It seems cruel to use this on spawns attacking a treant. It is very useful to use this when attacking towers.

[edit] Rebirth?


Hotkey: T

Sommons a tree of life that will automatically revive units and heroes when they die near it.

The tree can be destroyed, ending the effect early.

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