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[edit] Version 1.14h2

Includes all changes since 1.14e1

[edit] General

  • Various performance enhancing optimizations
  • New feature: Perks!
    • Located at your altar, perks are available at levels 1, 30, and 50
  • Energy
    • Unused energy no longer provides an experience bonus
    • Energy is only enabled in Stormwail Peak and Gloomreap Mire
    • Energy is now gained based on your hero level, 1 energy per 2 levels
  • Generators
    • Time requirement removed
    • Crystal generators removed
    • Base Generators
      • Cost incresaed to 250 gold from 150
      • Health reduced to 900 from 1800
      • Build time reduced to 30 seconds from 180
      • Repair time reduced to 30 seconds from 120
    • Arcane Generator
      • Upgrade time decreased to 30 seconds from 60
      • Maximum mana reduced to 300
      • Missle Storm and Impaling Field removed
      • New spells: Thump and Rain of Chaos
      • Shockwave
        • Mana cost reduced to 180 from 450
        • Damage reduced to 350 from 700
        • No longer hits buildings
        • Damage size reduced by 33%
        • Speed reduced by 25%
    • Defense Generator
      • Energy cost increased to 5 from 3
    • Devestation Generator
      • Energy cost increased to 7 from 4
      • Upgrade time increased to 120 seconds from 60
      • Range reduced to 500 from 600
    • Execution Generator
      • Energy cost increased to 10 from 5
      • Upgrade time increased to 120 seconds from 60
      • Charged attack damage reduced to 35 from 60
      • Attack speed cooldown increased to 0.5 seconds from 0.35
    • Explosive Generator
      • Energy cost decreased to 6 from 12
      • Detonation charge time reduced to 180 seconds from 240
      • Now deals half damage to allies
      • Damage dealt is a percentage of maximum health
        • Generators: 100%
        • Structures 25%
        • Heroes: 25%
        • Units: 50%
    • Replenishment Generator
      • Energy cost increased to 5 from 3
      • Upgrade time increased to 30 seconds from 3
      • Maximum mana reduced to 400 from 500
    • Siege Generator
      • Energy cost increased to 12 from 9
      • Upgrade time increased to 120 seconds from 60
      • Base damage reduced to 70 from 94
  • Command Towers
    • Cost reduced to 250 gold from 500
    • Health increased to 900 from 500
    • Effect range increased to 800 from 500
    • Repair time increased to 60 seconds from 10
    • Build time incresaed to 90 seconds from 10
    • [Bugfix] Spawning next to a command tower would sometimes ignore the tower's orders
  • [Bugfix] Some skills or items would trigger attack procs
  • [Bugfix] Physical spells would not damage magic immune units
  • Lots of undocumented tooltip fixes

[edit] AI

  • Lots of tweaks to various behaviors
  • Should be less prone to sometimes run into enemy waves alone, particularly early game
  • Can now port within the first 20 seconds of a game
  • Now builds generators
  • Normal and Insane AIs will build defense towers and upgrade outposts with excess gold
  • Normal and Insane AIs will take over destroyed outposts
  • Insane AIs will now use command towers
  • AIs will now pool their money together for all purchases
  • Added code to improve detection of when the AI is stuck and attempts to remedy it
  • AI will now focus on the artifact wagon and capture it if possible
  • Hero kills of human players by AI teams now grant 50% additional crystal to normal computers and 100% additional crystal to insane computers
  • AI players are now listed in the team status board
  • [Bugfix] AIs wouldn't receive their starting gold
  • [Bugfix] Allied spawn towers were being counted twice when trying to decide what to build
  • [Bugfix] Code intending to prevent AI heroes from chasing fleeing heroes was not functioning as intended
  • [Bugfix] Found a bug that can cause an AI player to loose all their gold
  • [Bugfix] Purchasing items sometimes cost the AI no gold
  • [Bugfix] Many units had an unintended 8% magic damage reduction
1 14f AI Improvements.jpg

[edit] Commands

  • [Bugfix] -spawnrate now works properly in single player
  • HCL option 'i': Improved Insanes
    • All types of computers gain the default insane benefits
    • Grants an additional +1 to all attributes per level for easy computers, and +2 for normal and insanes
    • Insane computers also get full skills enabled

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Kedge's Landing

  • Moved Red's equipment shop closer to the main hall
  • Moved Red's item shop to the equipment shop's former location

[edit] Stormwail Peak

  • Moved Blue's equipment shop closer to the main hall

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Elven Battalion

[edit] Aeromancess

  • Maelstrom's effect has been redesigned
  • Tempest
    • Damage reduced
    • Talent Buffet's damage reduced

[edit] Arcane Archer

  • Scout size significantly reduced
  • Meteor Swarm
    • Cooldown decreased to 15 seconds from 18
    • Damage increased

[edit] Blazing Priest

  • New talent: Fiery Rebirth

[edit] Divine Wizard

  • [Bugfix] Empower's evocation damage bonus was not being applied properly
  • [Technical] Vengeance's ability has been changed so that the AI stops autocasting it and wasting it

[edit] Infiltrator

  • Attack of Opportunity
    • [Bugfix] Now properly hits stunned units
    • [Bugfix] Damage calculation was too high for side hits
  • New talent: Subtility
  • AI updated

[edit] Rune Knight

  • Rune Shell
    • Mana scaling reduced
    • Increased shield's health intelligence scaling
  • Imbued Equipment - Hazard Slash's mana scaling reduced
  • [Bugfix] Catapulting Rune would throw spell-immune units

[edit] Soul Binder

  • Soul Strike
    • Duration reduced to 6 seconds from 8
    • Damage increased
    • Mana cost scaling reduced
    • Cooldown increased to 20 seconds from 17
    • Range increased by 30%
  • Incinerate mana cost increased

[edit] Tactician

  • Order Attack replaced with Take Command
  • New Skill: Military Regalia, a result of merging Banner with Great Bow
    • Place Banner is now the active ability, replacing Impaling Shot
    • Now passively grants the Banner aura with a shorter range, which is temporarily disabled when Place Banner is used
    • Passive bonuses reduced
    • Place Banner
      • Now has a generic racial powerup from non-elven heroes
        • United Creep: Bloodlusts units
        • Grim Brigade: Slows enemies
        • Fel Horde: Drains enemy's mana
        • Mercenary: Vulnerability, heavily reduces a single enemy units armor for a short time
      • [Bugfix] Mystic Swashbuckler's Mocking Aura would not level past 1
  • New Skill: Blast Arrow
    • Knocks units back from the center of the targeted area, doing damage and causing a chance to miss for a short period
  • Ensnare renamed to Neutralize
    • Now also bombards the targeted area dealing damage over time
  • Flank
    • Reduced time between each spawn to 1 second from 2
  • Promote
    • Melee promotions given higher damage and armor
    • [Bugfix] Melee promotions weren't receiving the proper upgrades

[edit] Time Cleric

  • [Bugfix] Ebb and Flow's Only Time Can Heal talent rank 1 was always being applied to enemy units, regardless of having the talent or not
  • [Bugfix] Forks no longer award experience upon death
  • [AI] Merged back into the default AI

[edit] Combos

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Acid Reaver

  • Charge cooldown increased to 30 seconds
  • Caustic Breath
    • Base damage increased
    • Damage strength modifier decreased
  • [Bugfix] Acid Sheath's damage reduction duration was only being applied at level 1

[edit] Arboreal Crusader

  • Force of Nature
    • Turning speed reduced
    • Acceleration reduced
  • [Technical] Cure Wound's ability has been changed so that the AI stops autocasting it and wasting it

[edit] Colossus

  • War Club armor reduction changed to (2 + 0.1 x Level) from 4

[edit] Crest Witch

  • New hero!

[edit] Elder Treant

  • Forestlord
    • Highwood Pixies should be less prone to all grouping up on a single unit, even when that unit is the only one in range
  • Timbercurse
    • Mana cost increased
    • Duration against heroes reduced to 8 seconds from 30

[edit] Grim Hag

  • Swoop's impact throwback speed increased, but deceleration significantly increased
  • Blade Rain bleed now only lasts 5 seconds, damage scaled similarly

[edit] Icespinner

  • Chill Sacrifice now only produces a spider web on every third cast
  • [AI Bugfix] Wasn't properly using crystal

[edit] Master of the Hunt

  • Base movement speed increased
  • Stalkers are now magic immune while invisible
  • Lunge mana cost reduced
  • Hamstring
    • May now target air units
    • Duration increased to 15 seconds from 10
    • Movement speed reduction reduced
    • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 16
  • Dire Howl
    • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 16
    • Miss chance scaling improved for lower levels
    • Miss chance duration reduced
    • Damage and life steal duration increased to 20 seconds
    • Life steal increased to 50% from 30%

[edit] Scarab

  • Smite's percentage damage now scales up to 30% over its levels
  • Retribution now mitigates 90% of damage from non-heroes and 50% from heroes. This is applied before any shielding but after Sacred Bulwark. This damage reduction does not reduce the damage reflected.

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Ascendant

  • Stonegaze
    • Effect speed greatly reduced
    • Area reduced
    • [Bugfix] Petrified heroes were taking higher than intended damage
  • Terra Smash
    • Duration against heroes reduced by half
    • Duration against units reduced to 6 seconds across all levels
    • Attack speed reduction increased
    • Movement speed reduction now scales from 30% to 50% from 20% to 70%

[edit] Behemoth

  • Brainlust: Same name, brand new effect!
  • Miasma
    • Blood fly swarms no longer stack damage
    • Corpses will now contribute to miasma for the first 10 seconds of its duration
  • Maw of Death
    • Reworded tooltip in hopes of clearing up confusion
    • Spitting units now deals half damage to structures
    • [Bugfix] Can no longer eat ethereal units

[edit] Defiler

  • Devouring Plague
    • Cooldown increased to 60 seconds from 30
    • Duration increased to 8 seconds from 6
  • Flesh Eating Cloud
    • Damage scaling reduced
    • Damage radius reduced
  • [Bugfix] Exhaustion only applied level 1's stun chance

[edit] Forlorn Martyr

  • Streak
    • Cooldown reduction from leveling reduced to 2 seconds per level from 3
    • Chaining range reduced
  • Stormspire
    • Range for trigging damage reduced
    • Cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 15
  • Whirl
    • Damage reduced
    • Agility bonus now capped to the hero's base agility

[edit] High Oracle

  • Befuddle now decreases evocation damage by 30% across all levels
  • Nemesis replaced with Purge Malice
  • Mindstab
    • Damage bonus reduced to 2% per point of intelligence over the target, from 3%
    • Damage bonus now capped at 300%
  • Zen Archery
    • Damage bonus from Intelligent reduced by half
    • [Bugfix] Zen Shot would throw spell-immune units
  • [AI Bugfix] Wasn't effectively taking Ki Strike talent

[edit] Incarnation

  • Attack damage increased
  • Dark Altar
    • Souls should travel to the altar quicker
    • New graphical effect to indicate heals
    • Units dying in range of multiple altars will now trigger only one heal instead of one per altar

[edit] Nephilim

  • Reordered the skill sets
  • Blood Mastery
    • Adrenaline cooldown decreased to 5 seconds from 7
    • Close Wounds no longer uses the rejuvenation buff
    • Vampiric Bite
      • Damage increased
      • No longer hits air
      • Mana cost reduced
    • Pain
      • Now gains range with higher levels
      • Cooldown incresed to 9 seconds from 7
  • Fire Mastery
    • Blastwave
      • Damage increased
      • Mana cost reduced
      • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 6
    • Scintilate
      • Immolation damage and range increased by 33%
      • Mana cost reduced
      • [Bugfix] Immolation effect should now properly gain levels
    • Conflagrate mana cost reduced
    • Scorch
      • Mana cost reduced
      • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 6
  • Shadow Mastery
    • Dusklash
      • Cooldown increased to 7 seconds from 4
      • Damage reduced
    • Evasion mana cost scaling reduced
    • Shadowveil
      • Mana cost increased
      • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 4
    • Spellbind
      • Area reduced
      • Range increases with level
      • Cooldown incresaed to 9 seconds from 4
  • War Mastery
    • Distract
      • Mana cost removed
      • Cooldown decreased to 1 second from 3
    • Plunder
      • [Bugfix] Now removes helpful buffs from the target instead of debuffs
    • Retaliate
      • Will now only respond to damage from normal attacks
      • No longer works against structures
      • Damage reduced
      • Duration reduced
    • Shred mana cost reduced
    • Swipe
      • Mana cost reduced
      • Area of effect increased
  • Power Mastery
    • Betrayal
      • Duration increased by 3 seconds across all levels
      • Cast range increased
    • Execute
      • Damage reduced to reflect values prior to the following bugfix
      • [Bugfix] Damage was improperly receiving the default hero reduction
    • Ignis Salvo
      • Mana cost reduced
    • Immortal's Breath
      • Mana cost reduced
      • Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 60
    • Night's Eye
      • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 15
      • Mana cost significantly reduced

[edit] Putrid Eidolon

  • [Bugfix] Spore Cloud's evocation damage reduction was not applied properly
  • [Bugfix] Rotting Grove's Prolonged Decay talent usually didn't work

[edit] Sorrow Liege

  • [Bugfix] Forlorn Crown's Aura of Focus evocation damage bonus was not being applied properly
  • [Bugfix] Royal Guard's Duty talent was not being applied past level 1

[edit] Combos

[edit] Fel Horde

[edit] Crimson Squall

  • Mana costs increased
  • Surge
    • Agility's damage range increased

[edit] Glacial Tyrant

  • Artic Cataclysm
    • Damage reduced
    • [Bugfix] Only applied level 1 of the debuff
  • [Bugfix] Frigid Blast wasn't giving the intended amount when picked up by Glacial Tyrant

[edit] Mercenaries

[edit] Blackguard

  • Air attack range reduced to 300 from 600
  • Fiend
    • Cooldown decreased to 120 seconds from 180
    • Base armor increased to 15 from 8
  • Shadowclap
    • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 11
    • New talent: Building Shadows, increases the damage by the delay
  • Darkstride
    • Agility bonus and duration increased
  • Demonic Weapon
    • Damage bonus is now based on the lowest health the hero has during the activation

[edit] Fire Knight

  • Redesigned & now a playable hero!

[edit] Stormweaver

  • Redesigned & now a playable hero!

[edit] Wretched Chef

  • New playable & hirable hero!

[edit] Units

[edit] Fel Horde

  • Axe Thrower health reduced to 505 from 565
  • Warlock attack speed increased to 2 seconds from 1.85
  • Diabloist base damage decreased to 15 from 19

[edit] Items

  • Gloves of Evocation bonus increased by 50%
  • Felskin Gauntlet's cooldown decreased to 45 seconds from 180
  • [Bugfix] Storm Hammer upgrade prices were inconsistent
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