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[edit] General

  • Critical Strikes should never miss the target.

[edit] Perks

  • Focus Perk's mana regeneration increased to 33%
  • Gifted perk awards 2 extra crystal per team hero kill
  • [Bugfix] Swift perk could get removed

[edit] Commands

  • New "-ms" command, shows the movespeed of the unit currently selected
  • "-o/-obelisks" now pings the Digmasters and Dig sites.

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Stormwail Peak

  • Removed trees around the Obelisk on Rock and Inn lane (prevent hiding the Obelisk tower behind trees on Rock's lane)

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Elven Battalion

[edit] Aeromancess

  • Hold Person's range reduced to 600 (down from 800)
  • Maelstrom's range is now kept constant at 300 across levels

[edit] Arcane Archer

  • Familiar
    • Abolish Magic removed; now has True Strike at Level 3 and Faerie Fire at Level 2.
    • Feedback's mana drain has been increased against units to 15 (up from 10) and now deals more damage to summoned units (20)
    • Starfall's cooldown reduced to 90 (down from 120)
  • Ice Wall's cooldown now decreases with level by 20

[edit] Divine Wizard

  • Displacement Field
    • Now fails if the unit runs a certain distance from it, 1000/200 units.
    • Cooldown reduction scaling increased to 4 seconds (up from 3)
  • Vengeance
    • [Bugfix] Base ability changed to allow targeting on full-health units
    • Now bypasses spell immunity

[edit] Infiltrator

  • Blitz
    • Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (down from 45)
    • Duration reduced to 15 seconds (down from 180 seconds)
  • Elusive Flair
    • Critical strike chance changed to 15%/3% (from 5%/5%)
    • Critical strike multiplier changed to 150%/20% (from constant 200%)
  • Cloak of Shadows is only removed if it hasn't triggered in the last second

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Acid Reaver

  • Charge's stun duration scaling reduced to 0.25 (down from 0.5)

[edit] Arboreal Crusader

  • Movespeed decreased to 330 (down from 340)
  • Tangleweed's root duration reduced by 50%. Damage increased by 100%.

[edit] Arcane Mistress

  • Mind Fog's movement set to Flying to remove pathing.
  • Infernal Binding will no longer stun Undead heroes

[edit] Colossus

  • Rockslide now hits fliers
  • Smash's slow AoE has been reduced by 300.

[edit] Crest Witch

  • Has forgotten how to swim
  • Movespeed decreased to 300 (down from 330)

[edit] Dread Shaman

  • Spiritwatcher Totem can now be cast at range

[edit] Elder Treant

  • Eat Tree's healing now takes place over 20 seconds (up from 10)
  • Grasping Tree's duration scaling reduced to 0.3 (down from 0.75)
  • Forestlord
    • Cooldown reduced to 7.5 seconds (down from 15)
    • Mana Willow should spawn a missile if it restores 1% of the hero's max mana (down from 2%)
    • [Bugfix] Ghoulroot lasts after Elder Treant is dead.
  • Grove of Eternity
    • Mana restored is now half of the percentage of health restored (instead of giving back full mana)
    • Movement removed
    • [Bugfix] Reincarnation's delay was 2 seconds instead of 3.

[edit] Icespinner

  • Movespeed reduced to 300 (down from 320)

[edit] Master of the Hunt

  • Stalkers
    • Now considered summoned units
    • Movespeed increased to 360 (up from 350)
    • Can now attack fliers
    • Benefits from hero weapon and armor upgrades

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Behemoth

Anchor's stun on heroes reduced to 1 second (down from 2 seconds)

[edit] Defiler

  • Pestilence
    • Retains damage if it kills a unit (instead of a 93% reduction)
    • Bounces are now calculated from the unit hit instead of the original target position
    • Damage scaling from Intelligence increased to 0.1 (up from 0.05)
  • Vile Infusion
    • only removes injuries upon first cast
    • Stops if the target is dead
  • Exhaustion
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds on heroes, 60 seconds on non-heroes
    • Stun on heroes reduced to 2 seconds (down from 3 seconds)
    • Attack speed reduction scaling increased to 4% (up from 3%)
    • Movement speed reduction scaling increased to 3% (up from 2%)

[edit] Emberwraith

  • [Bugfix] Brain Boil was not scaling with level

[edit] High Oracle

  • Ki Blitz
    • Now heals magic-immune units
    • There is now a chance to heal units with full health
    • Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (down from 22)

[edit] Incarnation

  • Movepeed increased to 270 (up from 260)
  • Bonestorm
    • Cooldown reduced to 180 (down from 240)
    • Damage of skeletons increased by 3

[edit] Nephilim

  • Added special effects to various spells
  • Close Wounds only removes injuries upon first cast
  • Life Tap now caps to the missing mana and takes away that much health accordingly
  • [Bugfix] Changed targetting of physical spells to affect magic immune units.
  • [Bugfix] Conflagrate would sometimes fail to create trees
  • Pain mana cost scaling reduced to 10 (down from 15)
  • [Bugfix] Ignis Salvos now fires on the target point instead of the hero's position
  • Now has talents!

[edit] Putrid Eidolon

  • Rotting Grove
    • Armor increases by 3 with each level
    • Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds (down from 150)
    • Attack type changed to normal from Siege
    • Attack damage now increases with level
    • Now has Spell Resistance
    • Explosion now deals 125% damage to heroes (instead of 75%)

[edit] Sorrow Liege

  • Gushing Wound Talent crystal cost reduced by 5
  • Aura of Fatality
    • Now affects magic immune units
    • Level scaling of damage increased to 0.03 (up from 0.02)
  • Shadow Bastion
    • Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds (down from 240)
    • Defenses damage increased by 8

[edit] Fel Horde

[edit] Crimson Squall

  • Shift Tactics healing reduced to 15% if highest stat changed or to 10% (down from 30% and 20% respectively)
  • Crash (STR)
    • Stun duration from Strength reduced to 0.01 (down from 0.02)
    • Stun base duration scaling reduced to 0.25 (down from 0.35)

[edit] Glacial Tyrant

  • Icy Barrier now deals indirect damage

[edit] Scarlet Maiden

  • [Bugfix] Was not benefiting from the Focus perk
  • Movespeed increased to 320 (up from 310)
  • Pathing size changed to default 25.60 (up from 18)
  • Now heals 5% from attacking stunned units.
  • Sadist
    • Increases the heal by 5% with each level (down from 10%)
    • Crystal cost reduced by 5.
  • Mesmerize
    • Cooldown is now 25 seconds across all levels
    • Affects units that aren't visible to her
    • Range scaling reduced
      • Base is 40 (down from 85)
      • Strength modifier is 0.1 (down from 0.2)
    • Duration on heroes reduced by 2 seconds
    • Duration on non-heroes reduced by 1 second. Duration scaling reduced to 2 seconds (down from 3)
  • Soulmate's attribute reduction duration scaling increased to 2 seconds (up from 1 second)

[edit] Mercenaries

[edit] Fire Knight

  • Fire Brandy only removes injuries upon first cast
  • Phoenix Strike's speed increased to 800 (up from 600)
  • Mindburst
    • Enemy heroes now suffer the full damage
    • Allied heroes with unused mana will deal damage to those around them

[edit] Stormweaver

  • Lightning Tether's range scaling reduced
    • Base range to 50 (down from 100)
    • Agi modifier down to 0.1 (down from 0.2)
  • Healing Rain only removes injuries around the hero upon first cast
  • Snowblast's freeze on heroes reduced to 2 seconds (down from 4 seconds)

[edit] Wretched Chef

  • Nausea's chance to stun while moving reduced to 20% (down from 25%)

[edit] Items

[edit] Equipment

  • Amulet of Detection
    • Added a cooldown of 5 seconds
    • Mana cost increased to 50 (up from 20)
    • Area of effect reduced to 800 (down from 1000)
  • Guiding Gloves allow the wielder to never miss
  • [Bugfix] Wallcrackers should not toss structures.
  • Menderstone only removes injuries upon first cast.
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