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[edit] Version 1.13d7

  • Includes all changes from 1.13d1 to 1.13d7

[edit] General

  • Hero bounties now scale from a base of 200 up to 600 at level 25
  • Experience bonus for killing a higher leveled hero now only applies to kills of human controlled heroes
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Most heroes have a new AI
    • Tavern purchased heroes haven't been upgraded yet
    • AI is still missing a few key features so there may be interesting side effects (particularly on full teams of AIs)
    • If an AI hero is doing something particularly odd, type '-debug', select the hero, take note of what the output spam is, then please post a bug report describing the behavior and text displayed
  • Computer AI difficulty now has an effect
    • Insane: Gets 50% bonus experience and purchases items at 40% of cost
    • Normal: Gets 25% bonus experience and purchases items at 70% of cost
    • Easy: No bonuses
    • Players who left the game: No bonuses

[edit] Commands

  • New command: -observe, allows a player to watch the game without having a hero
    • Note: Must be used before selecting or previewing a hero in the tavern
  • HCL Support for GHost bots, options
    • Forced map selection
      • 1: Stormwail Peak
      • 2: Gloomreap Mire
      • 3: Kedge's Landing
      • 4: Candleburg
      • 5: Verdant Falls
    • K: Full Skills
    • D: Locks game to default settings (commands to change spawn rates, etc. can't be used)

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Kedge's Landing

  • Reduced the rate at which tears produce additional tower cores

[edit] Stormwail Peak

  • Ancient of Wonders relocated into the main bases

[edit] Verdant Falls

  • Increased the time between the warning and the start of the Font battles to 20 seconds from 15
  • Added text saying who won after a Font battle
  • Added text indicating what a Font battle is for low/no rank players

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Elven Battalion

[edit] Aeromancess

  • Mana Rush is the new inniate spell, replacing Aiding Winds
  • New Spell: Soar
  • Mana Storm remade

[edit] Blazing Priest

  • Inniate Blazing Hammer upgraded to have an active spell, Ignite
  • Backfire replaced with Chasten

[edit] Divine Wizard

  • Empower
    • Mana cost reduced
    • Self-only damage component is now based on Intelligence
    • [Bugfix] Blessing talent was non-functional
  • Spellshift replaced with Displacement Field

[edit] Mystic Swashbuckler

  • Flurry has been improved to include an active skill Evasion

[edit] Soul Binder

  • Switched Decoy and Mend's hotkeys & icon placement
  • May now use the decoy cast Entrap Souls, Mend, Incinerate, and Soul Strike
    • Ability levels are limited to level of decoy
    • Incinerate & Soul Strike use up the hero's mana, Entrap Souls will grant mana to the Hero
    • Mend will NOT consume the hero's mana or heal the primary hero
  • Rend upgraded/replaced with Carnage

[edit] Tactician

  • [Bugfix] Promoted Archers couldn't attack when Exploding Arrows was researched

[edit] Time Cleric

  • Ebb upgraded to Ebb and Flow
  • Echo replaced with Fork
  • Degenerate now has a graphic, for the caster only, showing the outer border

[edit] Combos

  • New: Casting Tempest while under the effects of Flow will increase the speed waves appear

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Arcane Mistress

  • [Bugfix] Restlessness will no longer sometimes continue raising units when the hero is dead

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Ascendant

  • Terra Smash - Changed how it's scaling in various ways

[edit] Behemoth

  • Anchor
    • [Bugfix] The maximum slow rate was being improperly computed (units could actually move faster at higher levels)
    • Dragging speed has been reduced (so you can actually outrun it now)
    • A target with more Strength than the Behemoth will have increased flexibility with the chain
    • Model size increased by 33%
    • Is now a priority target for the AI
  • R.I.P.tide
    • Zombie explosion damage range reduced from 200 to 150
    • Zombies will no longer explode untill they have completed their unburrow animation (takes 2.33 seconds)
    • Unburrowing zombies will not be killed by exploding zombies
    • Zombie explosion damage significantly reduced

[edit] Fel Horde

[edit] Glacial Tyrant

  • After casting Shatter the hero will automatically attack the target

[edit] Mercenaries

[edit] Blackguard

  • After casting Doom Hammer the hero will automatically attack the target if they are in close range
  • Shadowclap Strength modifier reduced
  • Doom Hammer base damage reduced
  • Unwilling Sacrifice cooldown increased
  • Fiend
    • Cooldown increased to 180 seconds from 90
    • Casting it while the Fiend is alive will fully heal it, up from a 25% heal
  • [Bugfix] Casting Unwilling Sacrifice on the Fiend will no longer return more health than the Fiend has

[edit] Units

[edit] Elven Battalion

  • [Bugfix] Upgrade Faerie Dust fixed

[edit] Items

  • Potion of Greater Healing now restores 25% of maximum health, up to a maximum of 500
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