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[edit] Version 1.13e5

Includes all changes since 1.13e

[edit] General

  • New set of Offhand items
  • Equipment shops
    • Now have different pages for each item type
    • Now sell all items the Ancient of Wonders sold
  • Ancient of Wonders now functions as a neutral equipment shop with the same inventory
  • [Bugfix] Towers built in range of two outposts wouldn't attach to the nearest outpost

[edit] Commands

  • '-towers' shortcut (-t) changed to (-d)
  • '-temper' now has a shortcut '-t'
  • New HCL options
    • 'S': Forces snow instead of rain
    • 'T': Removes all trees
    • 'G': Start with insane gold & crystal
    • 'L': Spawn towers have a timed life
      • Stormwail Peak - 10 minutes
      • Gloomreap Mire - 10 minutes
      • Verdant Falls - 7 minutes
      • Kedge's Landing - 6 minutes

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Candleburg

  • Ancient of Wonders removed

[edit] Kedge's Landing

  • Ancient of Wonders removed

[edit] Gloomreap Mire

  • Ancient of Wonders removed

[edit] Stormwail Peak

  • Ancient of Wonders now located in center lane, and near the north & south fountains
  • [Bugfix] Blue's premade command tower wasn't functioning

[edit] Verdant Falls

  • During Font battles, all spawns that enter the combat area will be phased out until the battle resolves, with the losing team's spawns being kiled.
  • Font battles now have a graphic to show their range
  • Moved & deleted trees to try and help with pathing in some tighter spots
  • There is now a 20 second delay before spawns start

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Emberwraith

  • Now has a secondary magic attack

[edit] High Oracle

  • Now has a secondary magic attack

[edit] Items

  • All Orbs have been upgraded to include an active ability. This includes an initial upward price adjustment.
  • Dragging a stack of items onto another stack of the same type will now merge them
  • Helm of Champions now includes +Mana
  • Helms
    • Now have a socket at +5, allowing them to be combined with gems to add additional effects
    • Cost reduced by approximately a third
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