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This is a list of all the HCL commands which can be enabled by the GHost bot.


[edit] Forced Map Selection

Bypasses the map voting phase.

[edit] Modes

  • D: Default settings - disallows commands that change the default settings like -spawnrate
  • L: Spawn towers have a timed Life.
    • Stormwail Peak and Gloomreap Mire: 10 minutes
    • Verdant Falls: 7 minutes
    • Kedge's Landing: 6 minutes
  • A: Draft pick mode
  • C: Capture mode
  • K: Full skills
  • P: Previous Personal Energy - Reverts energy to the previous system where energy is not shared.
  • i: Improved AI. Refer to AI for more details.

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • T: Removes all trees
  • S: Forces snow instead of rain

[edit] Not recommended

  • G: Start with a ridiculous amount of gold and crystal. Great for amusement.
  • Z: Zombie apocalypse mode. Great for crashing the game earlier than usual.
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