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The artificial intelligence (AI) dictates how the computer player plays. AI can simulate what human players do like repairing buildings and training units.

In EotA, the AI picks heroes and fight, using abilities and buying and tempering items. The AI will also participate in map objectives like Verdant Falls' shrine battles and taking the mooontear in Kedge's Landing.


The AI can be enabled by setting slots to computers. When a player leaves the game, the AI will also take control over the player's hero.

  • AI players on a team with human players will pool their earnings to human players.
  • AI heroes on a team with human players will only award a maximum bounty of 200 gold and no crystal.
  • In draft mode, ally AI can be selected by human players. Teams with only computer players can ban heroes and choose from a selected theme like "Player Killers" or "Siege". Random draft mode does not affect an AI team's selection.
  • Unused mercenary heroes can be hired from the Tavern for 1200 gold and will be owned by Red/Blue. They have their own income and cannot invest in talents. They last until 2 deaths. Hiring mercenary heroes have a 5 minute cooldown.

General Behavior

  • All the AI pool their gold together to purchase items, which is why some AI heroes may have a full inventory while others may barely have any items.
  • AI will build defense towers and upgrade outposts if they have excess gold.
  • AI do not make teleports go on cooldown for human players.
  • The AI will not pick Dread Shaman or Nephilim.

Difficulty Bonuses

Changing the difficulty of the computer slot will affect the advantages the AI has.

  • Easy - No bonuses
  • Normal - 25% bonus experience, buy items at 70% of their cost, human kills grant 50% more crystal
  • Insane - 50% bonus experience, buy items at 40% reduction of their cost, human kills grant 100% more crystal. Unlike the other AI, gold will not be pooled to human players. Heroes will also purchase the Scroll of Travel to use when escaping.

Note: An AI that has taken over a leaver will receive no bonus.


A full team with only computer players will have a management AI governing the team.

  • Workers will repair buildings that are in bases.
  • Mercenaries will be hired to defend bases or attempt a siege.
  • Spawn towers will be built.
  • Upgrades will be used.
  • In Stormwail Peak, workers will build Obelisk towers. They will also try to seize the artifact.
  • In Gloomreap Mire, Digmasters will be hired when heroes pass by the circle of power and no enemies are there.
  • Insanes will build command towers except on Gloomreap Mire and Candleburg.
  • AI will build generators in Stormwail and Gloomreap Mire.

Improved Insanes/i mode

This mode offers a more difficult challenge for playing against a team full of AI. Currently, this is only enabled through HCL by setting the i option. All computer receive the bonuses from insane difficulty.
Additionally, each AI gain stat bonus upon every level up.

  • Easy: +1
  • Normal: +2
  • Insane: +2

Insane AI will also have full skills enabled for them.