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[edit] Version 1.13 Changes

I've decided to do "one" final version release of EotA, to clean up a bunch of outstanding issues that bother me, throw in a few ideas I want to add, and experiment some for future map making projects. This release is not yet the final one, just one step towards it. After the actual final version is released (and any major bugfixes to it), I will be releasing EotA for public editing, use, or just horror of seeing the mess that is EotA's triggers.

[edit] General

  • [Bugfix] Fixed items vanishing while dead
  • Deathblows no longer have a buff icon, but no longer conflict with other buffs
  • [Textfix] Fixed various typos

[edit] Commands

  • '-temper' is now available to everyone

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Candleburg

  • Heroes now have a flat 30 second maximum respawn time. The exact respawn time depends on how far away from your respawn point your hero is - the further away, the faster the respawn

[edit] Kedge's Landing

  • Moontears have been reworked
    • Moontears still drop at the same location, at midnight. However, they are now an item.
    • While carrying a Moontear, it will charge up as the hero holding it gains experience. Once it fully charges, it will automatically grant the allied team tower cores. It also fully heals the hero holding it.
    • The amount of tower cores granted by a Moontear increases as the game progresses.
  • Cannon Towers will now attempt to target any enemy hero carrying a Moontear
  • [Bugfix] Tower Commanders will once again capture towers
  • Incrased Cannon Tower damage and attack speed

[edit] Gloomreap Mire

  • Eliminated the center island outpost and the corner elevated outposts. This removes the interconnected lanes and reduces it to a 4 lane map.
  • Spawn rate significantly increased

[edit] Stormwail Peak

  • Removed a square where you can build a generator on the center peaks
  • Added new Goblin Laboratories near the corner bases
  • Added a new small paths as a shortcut along the center lane, going from behind the goldmine in the outpost to the far obelisk (only one side shown in picture)
    Stormwail 1 13 New Path.jpg
Verdant Falls Overhead.jpg

[edit] Verdant Falls

  • New!!
  • Objective: Controlling the three shrines
    • Every few minutes (1.5m - 4m randomly), a shrine will activate at random. This will be shown by some minor graphics as well as a warning announcement 15 seconds before it starts
    • Once it's activation phase starts, marked by the two statutes channeling at the Font, it will tally up all living heroes in range. Once the activation phase ends, tower cores are distributed based on the total amount of credit each team earned from having their heroes in range.
    • After its activated, the shrine will only be captured once one side has killed/driven out all of the other side's heroes. The winning side will earn a special spawn wave that attacks a random lane. The waves increase in power with repeated captures.
    • During the battle, heroes give no gold bounty and a reduced crystal bounty. Hero respawns are suspended untill the shrine is captured, at which point all dead heroes are revived. Note that this only applies to heroes in range of the shrines, heroes that stay uninvolved play by normal rules.
Verdant Falls Angled.jpg

[edit] Heroes

  • Heroes no longer give a flat 400 gold bounty. Instead, bounty increases each level until a hero hits 15, at which point it returns to being a 400 gold bounty.
  • When a hero is killed within 4 minutes of their previous death, the bounty is cut in half. This effective is cumulative for repeated deaths in a short period.
  • When a hero gets experience for killing another hero with more experience, they gain bonus experience equal to 30% of the difference in experience.

[edit] Elven Battalion

[edit] Tactician

  • Flank
    • Recoded
    • [Bugfix] Skirmishers will now have a timed life after losing invisibility for any reason

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Acid Reaver

  • [Bugfix] Talent Pool of Acid's hotkey changed to R
  • [Textfix] Dragonblood talent now properly references fear instead of stun
  • [Textfix] Storm of Malice now references the proper armor reduction

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Forlorn Martyr

  • [Bugfix] Streak should no longer occationally take Martyr absurd distances during a single hop or go off the map

[edit] Putrid Eidolon

  • [Bugfix] Infestation will now properly attack non-heroes instead of heroes
  • Rotting Protector can now be placed on any ground pathable terrain

[edit] Units

  • Upgrades Return!!

[edit] Neutral

  • Transmutation Shrine
    • Buildings now belong to their associated computer player
    • You may now bring a worker to the shrine to buy upgrades for you
    • A failed stat change at the shrine will no longer reduce a stat, it will only consume the crystal

[edit] United Creeps

  • Shadowdancer
    • Now has Mirror Image

[edit] Grim Brigade

  • Necromancer
    • Changed standard attack graphic
  • Zombie
    • Damage reduced
    • Health reduced to 350 from 290

[edit] Fel Horde

  • Warlock
    • Changed standard attack graphic

[edit] Items

  • Charm of the Bear/Cat/Owl
    • Now share cooldowns
    • Increases the associated attribute by 25% of you're maximum base attribute
  • Hammer of Banning is now a permanent item (no charges). This means you can resell it after use for full value.
  • Anti-Magic Potion duration reduced to 6 seconds from 15
  • Remote Controlled Flying Machines now have a shared cooldown of 120 seconds
  • Wretched Skull - Disease Cloud
    • Cloud Duration reduced to 30 seconds fom 60
    • Damage per second reduced to 6 from 8
    • Damage Duration on units reduced to 10 seconds from 20
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