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[edit] Version 1.12c2 Changes

[edit] General

  • [Bugfix] When race restrictions are removed, it should display icons indicating which heroes the other team has picked
  • [Bugfix] '-balance' should work again

[edit] Battlefields

[edit] Kedge's Landing

  • [Bugfix] Red units would get stuck before the last base on the beach lane

[edit] Stormwail Peak

  • Moved the center fountains. Note: This is somewhat of an experiement, I may need to move them back if the new location is too near the bases
  • Moved the Goblin Laboratories
  • Moved the 'wilderness' obelisks to roughly the previous location of Goblin Laboratories, removed the guards, removed 2 of them completely
  • Added ramps down behind the center bases

[edit] Heroes

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Acid Reaver

  • Acid Sheath's damage reduction scaling changed, raised at lower levels
  • Encouragement's healing greatly increased
  • [Bugfix] Acid Sheath no longer damages wards

[edit] Dread Shaman

  • [Bugfix] Shared pain was dealing no damage

[edit] Grim Hag

  • [Bugfix] Swoop no longer does maximum damage at point blank range

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Ascendant

  • [Bugfix] Ravenous Dive is now properly a physical spell

[edit] Defiler

  • Trap Corpse
    • Mana Cost incresed
    • Cooldown incresed
    • Damage increased
  • [Bugfix] Heartstop talent fixed
  • [Bugfix] Frailty will now instantly kill any hero who would otherwise be reduced to 0 or less strength

[edit] Emberwraith

  • [Bugfix] Smolder should no longer cause crashes when Emberwraith dies (hopefully)

[edit] Forlorn Martyr

  • [Bugfix] Thunderstrike will now hit all units and not only those with spell abilities

[edit] Incarnation

  • [Bugfix] Expose talent should no longer break the hold of Gravebind

[edit] Nephilim

  • [Bugfix] Now has cooldowns (this was never an intended feature, just one that was too problematic to fix so tried to balance around no cd's first)

[edit] Sorrow Liege

  • Mortal Strike's damage reduced to compensate for the fact that he receives an extra weapon swing's worth of damage from an attack

[edit] Fel Horde

[edit] Glacial Tyrant

  • Deep Freeze range scaling altered
  • Frigid Blast mana drain reduced
  • [Bugfix] Frigid Blast would always spawn crystals with the maximum mana
  • [Bugfix] Absorbtion talent would return a ridiculous amount of mana (4 * 0.1 * TalentLevel * (4 * (1 + 0.15 * TalentLevel) * ManaDrained)))
  • [Bugfix] Icy Barrier wasn't taking extra damage from magical shield destroying effects

[edit] Units

[edit] Grim Brigade

  • [Bugfix] Ghasts no longer take up 2 energy

[edit] Fel Horde

  • [Bugfix] Upgrading outposts will now permit buying higher level of mercenaries
  • [Bugfix] Red Drakes no longer give experience

[edit] Items

  • All items which had cooldowns unique to each level of the item should have the cooldowns shared based on the item type (ex. +1 and +2 now share cooldowns)
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