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[edit] Version 1.12c Changes

[edit] General

[edit] Heroes

[edit] Elven Battalion

[edit] Blazing Priest

  • [Bugfix] Pheonix Touch summons' Kaboom! ability was hitting all targets in range
  • [Bugfix] Firestorm dealt no damage

[edit] United Creeps

[edit] Acid Reaver

  • [Bugfix] Encouragement wasn't applying the proper level

[edit] Grim Brigade

[edit] Putrid Eidolon

  • Infestation
    • [Bugfix] Stumps should no longer be able to be created outside the playable map area
    • Health reduced
  • [Bugfix] Spore Cloud would not properly place over unwalkable areas
  • Fungal Armor
    • [Bugfix] Health regeneration continued after armor wore off
    • Cooldown increased to 24 seconds from 13
    • Health regeneration reduced
    • [Textfix] Health Regeneration shows up under '-s'
  • Entangling Seed
    • [Bugfix] Damage dealt was not getting the proper amount
    • [Bugfix] Sprouting talent would do no damage on successive hits

[edit] Fel Horde

[edit] Glacial Tyrant

  • [Bugfix] Attack speed was .24 instead of 2.4
  • [Bugfix] Arctic Cataclysm's width was unintendedly large, reduced to 140 from 200
  • [Bugfix] Shatter's armor reduction was not using the proper level
  • Icy Barrier
    • Damage range reduced to 150 from 200
    • Damage changed to be Agility based instead of Intelligence
    • [Bugfix] Wasn't going away after death
  • [Bugfix] Frigid Blast can be cast on bridges

[edit] Units

[edit] Fel Horde

  • Tweaked the stats of all the basic spawns. Please note that while these stats seem higher, there are less units and the health from less melee is more spread out.
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