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This is a list of all the commands in the game, in case nobody reads the quest log or the quest log gets outdated.

Pre-Game Commands

To be used during hero selection.


Shuffle teams based on level


Get a skillpoint on every levelup

-extrahero #

Give the specified team an additional computer controlled hero

-notips (-nt)

Disables display of tips


Become an observer

-spawnrate %

Changes the relative time it takes to spawn a wave from 30% to 300%

-spawncap #

Changes how many living spawnwaves every single outpost can have at the same time

-upgraderate #

Changes the rate (per seconds) at which the upgrade building gains mana

Game Commands

-obelisk (-o)

Pings the location of all the obelisks (only on Stormwail)

-tower (-d)

Pings the location of all damaged buildings. The color of the ping indicates how damaged the building is.

-temper # (-t)

Tempers the item in the specified slot. If no number is specified, tempers the item in the top left slot.

-spells (-s)

Displays spell values for all spells that deal stat based damage


Displays shield health on a selected unit.

-zoom ####

Zooms out the camera to the specified distance. Too high (5000+) and you can't see any of the game due to fog.

-rotate ###

Rotates the camera to the specified degrees (default 270)

-slide ###

Modifies the smoothness of the camera, with 0 being none


If all players on the team type this, they forfeit the game

-pool [color]/[number]

Gives all gold and crystals to that player once

-autopool [color]

Gives all gold and crystals to that player at set intervals
  • Pressing ESC
Pings the location of all visible heroes.

Game Modes

See Map Selection Screen