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From this screen there are a number of options that can be selected.

[edit] Race Selection

There are four options, high elves, creeps, undead, and random pick. A race is picked for your entire team, so each game will have exactly two out of high elves, creeps or undead. Which race your team gets depends on the voting and random chance; the team with the most votes for a given choice gets it. If the game has not loaded its replacement text to the menu you need to pick the following races for those options:

Human -> High Elves (Elven Battalion)
Undead -> Undead (Grim Brigade)
Night Elf -> Creeps (United Creeps)

The Fel Horde is only available in AP mode, which means a team can only be Fel Horde by chance.

[edit] Game Modes

In Advanced Options
Full Shared Unit Control -> Draft mode
Random Races -> All Pick (AP) mode
Random Hero -> All Random (AR) mode
Hide Terrain -> Capture mode (not balanced)

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