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Some heroes' skills can be combined to create an additional effect. These combos can only be used by heroes of the same race.


[edit] Elven Battalion

Flame of the Devout + Dash

  • Dashing through the flame leaves a burning trail behind that deals damage to enemies that come into contact with it

Tempest + Ebb and Flow

  • Casting Tempest while under the effects of Flow will make the waves come out faster

[edit] Tactician Banner

Soul Binder

  • Flaming Orbs - causes the banner to gain an attack

Divine Wizard

  • Lightning Focus - deals damage to nearby enemies

Rune Knight

  • Dismantling Aura - reduces armor of nearby enemies


  • Concentration Aura - increases mana regeneration of allied units

Arcane Archer

  • Trueshot Aura - increases ranged damage of allied units

Blazing Priest

  • Burning Banner - deals damage to close enemies


  • Trapped Banner - acts like a detonating explosive when destroyed

Time Cleric

  • Endurance Aura - increases the speed of allied units

Mystic Swashbuckler

  • Mocking Aura - decreases attack damage of enemies

Generic racial powerup from non-elven heroes

  • United Creep: Bloodlusts units
  • Grim Brigade: Slows enemies
  • Fel Horde: Drains enemy's mana
  • Mercenary: Vulnerability, heavily reduces a single enemy units armor for a short time

[edit] United Creeps

Penance + Howl

  • Waking units from penance with howl deals damage and instantly wakes them

Chill Sacrifice + Heart of the Mountain

  • Using on affected units boosts the heal by 50%

[edit] Grim Brigade

Mortal Strike + Thunderstrike

  • Hitting Rue with Thunderstrike charges his blade, allowing Mortal Strike to deal AoE damage on his next strike

Ki Blitz + Thunderstrike

  • Hitting Oracle with Thunderstrike while she is channeling Ki Blitz will cause more orbs to fly out.

Slag Spray + Maw of Death

  • Using Maw of Death on a unit affected by Slag Spray will cause Reek to hurl a fireball. Doubles the damage normally done or healed.
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