Gem of Leadership

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Helm of Champions/Gallant Mask: (Aura) Grants non-hero allied units +8 armor
Circlet of Mana/Blooming Wreath: Creates a circle around the hero that heals allied units for 30 health per second. The circle lasts as long as the hero stays in the circle. 120 second cooldown
Plate Helm/Kingsguard Greathelm: (Aura) Grants non-hero allied units 20% more damage
Executioner's Hood/Repear's Shroud: (Passive) Grants a 20% chance on attacking enemy units to deal 1000 additional damage
Dragonscale Mask/Grinning Death: (Passive) Attacks cause enemy units to have a 25% chance to flee in terror for 4 seconds. Current targets of melee heroes will not be feared; a random nearby enemy unit will be feared instead.

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