Gem of Heroism

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Helm of Champions/Bravado: Grants the Hero +3 Agility for every nearby enemy unit for 12 seconds. 60 second cooldown
Circlet of Mana/Interred Crown: (Menace) Reduces healing by 75% of nearby enemy units
Plate Helm/Bonelord's Crown: (Passive) Attacks drain 4 points of a random attribute of the enemy hero for 10 seconds. Stacks with each hit and obeys the general rule that attribute reduction can no longer reduce attributes to below half of their base value.
Executioner's Hood/Zealot's Cowl: (Passive) Attacking enemy heroes restores 15 mana.
Dragonscale Mask/Dragontamer's Helm: (Passive) Increases the magic damage reduction from 15% to 40%

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