Bottle of Ooze

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Bottle of Ooze
Purchase Cost: 340
Charges: 1

This item summons a Sludge Monstrosity to fight for you.

A sludge, when it dies, breaks down into 3 of a lesser type of sludge. When you use the item, you first summon a Sludge Monstrosity. The data of each sludge is listed in the order of which they break down.

Statistics for all sludges

Damage Type: Piercing
Armor Type: Medium
Attack Speed: Fast
Move Speed: Average

Sludge Monstrosity

Life: 1420
Damage: 64-72
Range: 500
Armor: 3 (6%)

Sludge Flinger

Life: 830
Damage: 33-37
Range: 600
Armor: 0

Sludge Minion

Life: 450
Damage: 24-28
Range: 500
Armor: 0

Sludge Drop

Life: 235
Damage: 12-14
Range: 500
Armor: 0

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