Level Balance

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Level Balance

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Random thought I wanted feedback on: Would you say the game is more balanced at various level ranges than others?
1-10: most heros balanced, some heros are op. Specifically Infitrator. Rank 1/2 of AoO is enough to drop someone from 50-60% health and if they are even getting hit by the creeps just a little bit, thats about where they will be. and she has a high starting melee attack damage anyways plus her innate speed lets her chase ya down.

11-35: things tend to be most balanced here, at this point build is a big factor because everyone is just getting the top ranks of their selected abilities and its really up to the players who will be the best among them.

35+: imba. people start putting points into all of their abilities and builds start to fade away except those involving lots of gear. heros that get a bit too good specifically are rune knight, infiltrator, ascendant, prince rue and dread shaman.

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Re: Level Balance

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I've found IceSpinner starts to get a little crazy once you have level 6 Spire and Lance, and a few points in Chill Sacrifice to replenish mana. Some games I'll forgo Blizzard entirely to put those points into other skills, and buy an extra point or two to have Spire and Lance both at level 6 at 26.

Really any hero who has complete spawn wave killing potential rapidly becomes overpowered after 35 or so. Bane with some Strength can easily level entire waves with Caustic Breath. Same goes for Divine Wizard and rapidfire Incinerate on Soul Binder.

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