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Fort Yak
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Author:  DarnYak [ May 28th, 2013, 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Dekar wrote:
Add catapults on the tower. :D

Toady never made catapults work in 3d so that wouldn't really work. They'd all have to be at ground level since they just shoot straight, and there's enough trees and shit in the way it just doesn't work.

The first thing I'm noticing is that somethings are a goddamned mess. The clothing and food industries are pretty well organized, but I can't figure out where I even have the mason's shops, and there's a random leatherworkers shop in the middle of nowhere, and there's like 10 different craftdwarf shops scattered throughout the fort (to get rid of stone i'm sure, but still a mess). Since I want to make the tower out of stone blocks (plus that makes moving them to the surface for construction MUCH easier), I apparently need to start with a more dedicated masonry setup. I'm also making a leatherworking area while I'm at it, it's not like there's that much leather in the fort anyway.

Unfortunately, my miners apparently don't want to mine. I don't know what they're doing instead, there's not enough going on in this fort to have so few idle dwarves. Eating, drinking, drinking, drinking, detailing floors, no job, dig. Cool, one out of 6 is on duty now.

Uggh, I forgot how slow this fort runs. I think one of my last plans was to use a hack/tool to get rid of all the zombies on the map just to freaking speed things up, which I may have to do now. It's not like there won't be 300 more zombies after 20 minutes of play anyway.

After a bit of research, it looks like zombie cleaning is doable. Basically I just slay every zombie on the map, designate them as dumpable, then teleport all the dump marked items to be destroyed. Only problem is the slay command requires upgrading to the newest version, which I don't want to quite yet. So I'm going to just dump everything on the surface for now to see how much that helps.

12424 items destroyed. A ton of useless shit in there, but much much more worthless crap. It looks like the majority of it is goblin trophies. It only barely improved the frame rate though. Uggh.

For no explicable reason dwarves are going into the river near the waterfall with a ton of zombies at the bottom of it. A shoe. Why the hell are you dwarves risking your lives for a shoe, we can make a million more if you guys want. Oh you're trying to dump it. Yea that's even smarter. And now you pissed off the zombies. Ok apparently they're magicians or something because there aren't any items in the river yet they keep pulling them out of nowhere. My only guess is there was a known water pushing bug that caused items to disappear but apparently the dwarves can still access them and forbidding the riverbed doesn't stop it ok it does it just takes a while for them to stop walking to it. Still we've got about 5 angry, although not that threatening, zombies wandering around the topside now. No dwarves got themselves killed and I'm quite shocked.

Author:  DarnYak [ May 29th, 2013, 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Cleaning up random scattered stockpiles of crap has become my current priority. For example, there's a bunch of bones laying around one of the central halls for no good reason other then at some point I ran out of space and needed to put them there.

A minotaur has decided to visit the fort. He didn't last long.

Another random child has gotten a fey mood. Yay for legendary useless children.

An elven caravan has arrived! More trash for the surface! And a goblin siege followed them! Not a huge siege though.

In brighter news, 3 giant eagles have hatched. This could eventually lead to the end of my fort, but I have high hopes for these.

Partway through the siege death I decided to move/dump some of the corpses to clear out some of the zombie lag. 821 new items deleted already.

I've noticed a corner of the surface is mostly zombie free. I'm trying to figure out if there might be a way to make a surface connection there, or if doing so will yet again just attract half the zombies on the map to wander over there.

Author:  DarnYak [ May 31st, 2013, 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Summer has arrived, and I'm concerned the zombies are up to something. There were roughly 490 last I checked, now there's around 260. And the big giant mobs that used to be around my "new" entrances...are gone. I don't know where they went. A handful of zombies that were inside in my trap area are all trying to get out. Are they regrouping for a massive siege? To combine into some giant force smashing monstrosity? Or are they fleeing in fear of some menace that frightens even them? I'm afraid to find out.

The fey mood dwarf child finished a ring worth 110,400 and got legendary wood crafter. I believe tradition was to name all the legendries so this guy is now named Treering.

Excavation of massive quantities of marble is going well enough, I shouldn't have to wait too much longer before upgrading to the next version. Just to be clear, marble is a flux stone needed to make steel, and my fort has a fairly limited quantity of it. In the next version, the rate of getting stone from digging is diminished greatly (10x or something), so I just want to dig a good chunk of it out now so I won't run out.

I found an area that I believe was to be awesome rooms for legendries that wasn't completed, so I'm doing that now.

There's like a million random young animals running around outside pens. Which causes them to starve cause they're too stupid to find their own food. Which causes them to die and become zombies to kick some dwarf child's head in. Which causes the parent to go berserk and try to start a tantrum spiral. Stupid animals.

I'm convinced there's no mason shop anywhere. Which is really bad since making crap out of stone is one of the main things dwarves do.

Not much going on. I forgot that 1/3rd of my fort are children at this point, and I needed to re-enable hauling for the newer children. I'm not sure how much hauling they actually do (I generally only see them doing farming), but w/e it can't hurt. For some reason it says I'm under siege, but all the goblins seem to be dead. Maybe an ambush squad of something is lurking around that hasn't aggro'd the zombies yet.

Author:  DarnYak [ May 31st, 2013, 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Short update, I played up to the fall season but nothing really happened. Was mostly waiting on a bunch of older queued stuff to finish, and started building the base of the tower. Nothing exciting happened. More tomorrow.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 1st, 2013, 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

A dwarf made a legendary crossbow. I really need to make a marksdwarf team. Too bad its made out of wood (marksdwarves are stupid when they run out of ammo so they basically run around clubbing things with a completely ineffective wooden hammer).

I've noticed saving/loading the game goes much, much faster after the big item cleanup. So that's a plus.

The current mayor is rapidly using up all our leather supply with repeated mandates of making quivers. Making new leather is an iffy proposition due to the skins often reviving in the middle of the process.

I'm not sure if I should add more "above ground" farm space or not. There's only a "small" farm currently, but with the quality of farmers we have it already produces quite a bit of plants. The main location would be one of the original rooms which requires opening the fort to the surface temporarily then building a roof overhead - which could be a disaster if something scary and flying shows up.

I'm somewhat considering a plan to try and mass trap the zombies around the map (at least the ones that aren't trap immune). This would require a ton of traps to be made but it might be feasible.

A new forgotten beast showed up not long ago - it already got zombified. I think the first cavern layer is more dangerous then the surface at this point.

I've opened up fishing to the surface river. I don't know if this will be a disaster but the area is heavily trapped and it's easy enough to shut down.

Shortling dug out a tile under himself and stunned himself. Dumbass.

The fortress attracted no migrants this season. Good there's almost no chance of them getting inside. Which is something I need to fix somehow.

A raw fish has been caught. Well, a mussel (clam). Either way, new food type, the dwarves rejoice!

Here's the starting progress on the surface castle/tower/thing. It's actually starting with a basement for storing food or beer. For some reason the colors are mismatched in the screenshot, but in game they're all dark stone.
Construction1.jpg [ 197.74 KiB | Viewed 19059 times ]

An ambush! Curse them! And the dwarven caravan has arrived. I'm not sure if I should try to let it in or not... I guess I can open up my heavily trapped entrance for a bit. Unforutnately, I'm not sure I remember which one that is...time to flip random switches! And I found it. Annnnnnnnnnd the dwarves are streaming outside to pick up junk. And now a human diplomat arrived too. A dwarf guard died to zombies, but the 2 merchants and the human all made it inside, using the goblin ambush as zombie food/cover. Time to move all sorts of crap to the trade depot.

A weaver somehow got outside, despite many efforts to prevent that happening. Losing him would not be great, as he has an insane amount of family in the fort. Parents, grandparents, wife, children, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins. WAS THE SOCK REALLY THAT IMPRTANT TO YOU?! I've gone all around the outside trying to forbid the entire area but I apparently cant find whatever it is they're after. And he's dead. The goblins killed the zombies torturing him then put him out of his misery. He was right at the damn entrance near a ton of traps, and instead charged against he zombies with his bear hands.

My stocks menu claims I have around 2400 marble stone mined out now. That seems a bit high to me, but I have no reason to doubt its accuracy, and is more then I should need. So I'm considering marble mining complete for now, and will be upgrading to the new version soon.

Apparently the clams after being processed still have zombie issues. They get separated into meat and shells - the meat is fine, but the shells come to life and attack stuff.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 1st, 2013, 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Wheee, time to start learning minecarts. Expect disaster.

First thing I'm noticing is dwarves hauling stone seem MUCH slower then before. I realize this is to encourage use of wheelbarrows/minecarts but it doesn't help that I have a bunch of leftover construction stuff on the surface requiring a ton of raw stone.

I had to clear out my original entrance so the merchants could leave, so I sent my military to deal with it. Dekar ran far ahead of the rest and dealt with the 4 zombies himself. He then ripped off his shirt when he was finished and left it laying there. I dont' know if I've ever mentioned, but Dekar's current name is "Dekar Secretmirrors the Tin Flags of Listening." The only other dwarf close is Luftwallfes, the Plshdsbrs th Wlthy Frll of Lg. It abbreviated the whole thing so I have no idea what it says. Dekar has 6 notable kills + 16 other kills, while Luftwaffles has 5 and 78 - although most of the 78 is prior to coming to this fort.

Ok, wtf. Dekar dropped his shirt on the bridge. He then immediately left, picked up a full bin of clothes, carried it back to where he dropped his shirt, put his shirt in there and then carried the whole thing back to where it was before. That doesn't seem efficient.

A random pool of goblin blood appeared in the surface construction. Wtf. And now it vanished on its own. The hell.

Something must have changed with storage, as all the prepared food piles are vanishing - but the stocks screen isn't showing the number depleting, so they're storing them somewhere and better then before. Can't really complain, other then a lot of dwarf time at the moment is just them readjusting all sorts of stockpiles.

Author:  Dekar [ June 2nd, 2013, 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Go me!

Author:  DarnYak [ June 3rd, 2013, 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Just had a bit of an oddity. A goblin zombie which had no wounds on it. Usually there's SOMETHING that caused their fatality... but this one, perfectly intact. Drowned maybe? Idk how that could have happened, but I have no other explaination..

The merchants successfully traded and got off the map safely. Awesome.

So the dwarf that died outside a few posts back had some masterwork clothing on him. Some zombie lemurs showed up and stole all his items, so the dwarves that made those items are now fairly pissed off. Thankfully not dwarf killing mad though.

Lord Yak's been spending forever conducting a meeting with this human diplomat. I don't know if its bugged or what.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 5th, 2013, 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

The guineafowls were suddenly all over the fortress. Apparently one of them zombiefied and scared the rest of them off and now I'm dealing with the chaotic aftermath. I'm trying to learn the minecart system goddamnit not fight some overgrown chickens. Holy shit, a doctor dwarf grabbed it, bit into its throat then punched it to death. This dwarf gets named 'Fowlmouth' for that.

An eagle in the zoo died (old age), escaped its cage, and killed a dwarf child. Its rampage was halted when it flew past a swordsdwarf that chopped off its head.

More guineafowl deaths (2 this time), I don't know what's happening, unless the dwarves didn't throw the previous corpse away and it came back for revenge. One more bird has died. One of them is now chasing Kibi around, who ran right past Luftwaffles (a swordsdwarf) who completely ignored it. Finally GeneralFunk shot it dead. And now, someone's pet goose has gone missing. Can't find it anywhere in the fort. Probably another nasty surprise waiting for some dwarven child.

Lord Yak is still stuck in a never ending meeting with this stupid human diplomat.

A legendary cook has gotten a strange mood. And he's taken a mason's workshop.

Dwarves are taking forever to throw any corpses away. They're going to end up causing a massive zombie outbreak at this rate.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 5th, 2013, 8:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

The zombie chaos continues. A misquito man flew over the wall and is stalling the already slow effort of building the castle/tower/thing. In addition, one of the guineacock zombies has broken the arm of rabbitbane...who immediately started sleeping there. Wtf. So far it keeps attacking the dwarf's head but being repelled by the steel helm.

Now a giant thrips has flown over the wall. This one could be a problem. And another misquto man. Dekar arrives quickly on scene but does not get the kills. And now more zombie misquito people. Wtf is going on. So many corpses and the dwarves aren't throwing shit away.

The cook ended up making an artifact floodgate.

Wootz is now throwing a tantrum. The usual problems for a soilder, "long" patrol duty, attacked by undead, nauseated by the sun. Against a ton of wonderful thoughts like great food/drink/bedroom/waterfall etc. He's sitting there beating the shit out of a door. Yea fuck that door its ugly anyway.

Lord Yak was the only one around when one of the misquito people revived. He swiftly kicked off one of its arms and bashed its head in. Lord Yak is awesome. And speaking of Lord Yak, the human diplomat followed him up and then got scared, and then ran off to some corner scared of the zombies. And he managed to lure some zombies up from the bottom of the waterfall. He's so screwed. Or not. He punched one zombie to death, was fighting a zombie horse, which then kicked him into the lake. He then swam to the waterfall, and up the waterfall. And then ran back to the spot where he was trapped before, to fight the horse more I guess.

The zombie bird that injured Rabbitbane revived and immediately ran to the hospital and resumed attacking him. By pecking at his helmet ineffectively once again. The surface is still chaos, Wootz is still smashing the same door, and everyone's starting to get really upset about all the zombies. Meanwhile, none of these corpses have been disposed of. I'm turning off all hauling for a good amount of dwarves until these bodies are gone. Rabbitbane left the hospital but the zombie started tracking her down again. I don't ever remember zombies remembering what they were doing inbetween deaths before.

I swear some of these zombies are just playing dead until a dwarf is finally ready to pick them up and throw them away.

I've also found out toady changed something that is messing up my garbage disposals. Before they walk up to a pit, drop the corpse/garbage/whatever, it falls past a hatch when then closes and a bridge smashes the item. Now, the hatch stays open, the bridge takes longer to go into its raised position and in the process of raising throws the trash out of the still open hatch and it randomly spills back out. Not cool.

OK REALLY NOT COOL. It just flung it up, hit a dwarf in the head and caused the dwarf to fall into the garbage pit. A child ran into the neighboring cell to try and deconstruct the wall before the bridge came down but it was no use. A completely senseless death for a useful dwarf. One has to wonder if I've unknowingly lost other dwarves to similar idiocy.

And another edition of 'The Legend of Dekar'. Today, Dekar was doing a very important job of hauling a dead zombie horse to be turned into glue. Suddenly, the zombie horse sprung to life. Dekar fled a few steps, but then realized that he is Dekar and he happens to have his axe with him. He then cleaves the zombie horse in two, and punches it a few times for good measure. Now there are two hauling jobs to be done.

A new forgotten beast has appeared, on the first cavern level. A giant fire-breathing silverfish. I'm somewhat hoping it'll set the whole first cavern layer on fire.

Edit: I came back later to specifically check if a giant cavern fire started. Then got distracted for a while. Now a big chunk of the right side is on fire. Only issue is only the floor moss burns, not the trees (mushrooms), which I wanted to force more tree respawns inside my area. The forgotten beast is still alive and slaughtering the zombies. A screenshot is not very good sadly. It spreads pretty fast, but doesn't go up/down ramps.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 6th, 2013, 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Elven merchants arrived. No chance in hell.

I have a basic minecart system for carting stone around to a new masonry wing of the fort (since moving stone the old way is terribly slow now). It's working reasonably well, but I had to build another staircase because dwarves were using the minecart tunnels to walk in, despite their automatic lower traffic density rating. Trying to keep the minecart system insanely safe - I obviously can't afford fatalities of any kind. Not terribly happy with the system though, while it's not difficult to setup it also feels like it could have been made more automatic for carting crap around. It's written too much like a programmer wanting to do things like they logically work in code vs how the user would end up using them. Also doesn't seem terribly realistic, I'm not exactly sure why one would have more then a single track snaking its way through a fort, when minecarts will go right through each other (when guided by dwarves anyway - carts that move through normal physics will collide and stuff but seem so unsafe they aren't worth using outside a few specific situations).

Also note I'm not using minecarts to abuse quantum stockpiling. It's a game largely about management and cutting the special aspect completely out is just dumb imo. The only issue I had with it before was digging out areas produced as much stone as area you gained (realistic, sure), but you had almost no need to use that much stone so getting rid of it was impossible.

Speaking of slow stone hauling, the surface has been stuck on completing a job using rough stone instead of blocks for quite a while now. Wouldn't have switched versions had I known it would cause such a delay.

A new werebeast has come to visit the fortress. I think the undead are immune to infection now - actually, I haven't even seen any transformation messages since early in the new version switch (I'm presuming they lost the curse once they died, so it took a while for all the zombies to cycle through death). It's a were tortoise, so I guess its a bloodthirsty TMNT. And its kicking zombie ass. And now it turned into a frogman and ran off the map. I assume it'll be back some day (was it here before? idk).

The cavern fire burnt itself out, and it looks like the FB died. I assume it can still breath fire in zombie form, but it needs living things to piss it off first.

Rabbitbane became attatched to his steel helm. Considering how much it saved his ass against that zombie bird, I approve.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 6th, 2013, 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Had a near miss of a disaster to start out today's session. Building the castle, one of the dwarves decided to build a wall hovering over the water not connected to anything. Needless to say, it collapsed into the river. Had it been a few squares over it would have actually punctured a hole in the river and started to drain into the fort.

For some reason the hospital seems to be claiming all the cloth/thread in the fort, so making new clothes has become impossible. I'm not sure if it'll eventually fill up or i'm going to have to resort to drastic measures.

Pretty boring today, just slowly building the surface and general maintenance.

Edit: I used a hack to delete off 5 ghosts that I just couldn't get rid of (clearly a bug). They weren't really dangerous but they constantly ignored almost every dwarf.

Edit #2: Lots of time just letting the dwarves clean shit up, and the human diplomat finally decides to speak to Lord Yak after stalking him for like 6 months.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 7th, 2013, 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

A random child fell down a hole in the zoo from unknown causes and died. No clue how that happened. The retarded child's corpse wasn't dealt with and it came back to life and savagely murdered some poor useful adult dwarf. Seriously dwarves, can't you get your shit together. Everytime you don't throw a corpse away one of you dies, usually a useful one. And fuck you random axe dwarf that walked past the zombie without doing anything. And dwarf #3 (some kid) died when the adult dwarf revived.

If you can't tell, I REALLY hate losing worker dwarves. Not enough shit is getting done as it is.

I just discovered I have around 4000 eggs sitting around. Roughly 2500 turkey and 1500 chicken.

I'm pretty sure this hospital storage bug is completely fucking over my fort. There's like 10 dwaves constantly hauling things back and forth at any given time. I'm removing all the cabinets from the hospital to see if it'll stop.

A weregila showed up, ran into a giant group of zombies and almost immediately turned into a dwarf. Fail.

Pool has given birth to her 10th child. 175 living dwarves, that means 5.7% of the fort has come out of Pool's vagina. No wonder its doing so bad. Wait, 3 of those children are actually dead, so only 7/175 did.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 8th, 2013, 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

A doomed dwarven caravan showed up.

Here's a screenshot of the WIP surface:
Construction2.jpg [ 471.33 KiB | Viewed 18990 times ]

It has a small basement area completed and some of the next level up. Yea it's kinda ugly but DF is hard to work with and more so in these conditions.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 14th, 2013, 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

I've had a few play sessions since I last posted that have been particularly boring. Today was no exception. Hauling jobs have swamped the fort and nothing is getting done. I'm tempted to afk for a few hours with DF running and announcements off and see if I come back to a functional fort or not.


Author:  DarnYak [ June 15th, 2013, 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

There's a goblin party right outside my walls. LIVING goblins somehow.
Goblin Party.jpg
Goblin Party.jpg [ 114.27 KiB | Viewed 18966 times ]

As you can see I added a second layer to my wall, of stone. It's not strictly needed, but something bothered me about having a wooden barricade as the only thing protecting my new tower from the endless terrors outside. Plus if I carry this fort into the next DF version (somewhat unlikely unless the new 3d trees get ported into older saves - and assuming saves are compatible), I believe enemies are able to climb wooden and rough stone walls, so I'll also be building the walls upward some as well.

A ghost arose from nowhere and has me a bit confused, as I haven't lost any dwarves lately. Then I checked my list for engraving slabs and there's 5 new dead people - I have no idea where they came from. I can't find any stray zombie dwarves or corpses roaming my fort either..

Ok, a zombie child from nowhere just killed Lunargent. Doesn't appear to be one of the random dead dwarves I just mentioned. Dead child has no clear reason to be dead...everything around the area is safe, its my farming area in the middle of the fort. It's the only zombie there. I even found his stuff and thus point of death...just randomly at the bottom of a ramp. And there's a hatch at the top of the ramp so very unlikely he fell, but that's the only cause of death I can imagine. And Lunargent's corpse arose and killed a marksdwarf. The zombie child was killed by one of Lunargent's daughters. Vengeance!

Now a random dwarf died of old age. At least that's a legit death. And now to sheep in different spots randomly died. WTF IS GOING ON. I'm turning off all hauling until corpses are dealt with. Ok this is a mess. There's about 5 dead sheep and now a bunch of random birds have "gone missing". I cant find their corpses either. Chaos everywhere, but the corpses are mostly disposed of now. 3 dead dwarves (2 adults, 1 very useful), 1 or 2 injured dwarves, and a bunch of dead livestock. I'm somewhat wondering if I got a small migrant wave that I missed the message for which would explain some of the random dead dwarves + pets that aren't in the fort - but some of the deaths are just completely unexplained. Hostile ghost? I only see on ghost and its just the annoying type. Tantrum deaths? I haven't seen any tantrum messages.

A gremlin appeared in the caverns. I don't recall having seen one before - I think they sneak around throwing levers randomly. It's outside the wall so no threat to me.

Author:  DarnYak [ June 20th, 2013, 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Things have been boring around the fort, until a random "flock" of zombie wren people flew over the walls. They were headed somewhere else but then some of them spotted some tasty dwarves to eat (2 did, other 2 kept going off somewhere). This resulted in a bunch of civilian dwarves being chased around the outside and generally running in the worst direction possible until they trapped themselves, with the military being completely inept at chasing them down (for some reason, military pathing doesn't seem to update at all until they reach the position the target was at when they got the kill order). The military eventually caught and killed one, while the other severely injured but was ultimately killed by a civilian.

But their rampage did not end there! A dwarf quickly got to the job of dumping the body. Except he decided to dump it in the middle of the fort in a tailoring workshop for no explicable reason. The adult dwarf then left, when it promptly reanimated and murdered a dwarf child.

In other news, work on the tower has stalled. I've built a mine cart system to drag all the blocks to the surface so they can build quickly...except for some reason they refuse to fill up that particular mine cart. They partly fill it, then take some out, and sometimes it fills up completely but then they won't take it to the destination. All the other mine carts are working too well, and might be the cause - they're so busy endlessly bringing stone in that they never get anything else done. It feels like all the job priorities in this game are the exact opposite of what is actually important.

A random giant snail zombie is running around the top of the map. Idk what its doing or where it came from, I just hope it stays outside.

So a few days ago I randomly noticed the game suddenly sped up a considerable amount for no reason I could place. I just found the reason. The last remaining legendary sponge died, and this was the one that had gathered a giant army of zombies around it endlessly and futilely trying to kill it. With its death, all that endless combat finally stopped. I really wish the dwarves would make statues and such of these legendary sponges instead of ones of random dragons killing random elves 150 years ago.

I made a room to store all the artifacts created in the fort. Nobody ever hangs out in there, but if they ever do they are sure to be ecstatic. Prior to now they were all laying scattered around the fort in a giant mess.

Author:  Dekar [ June 21st, 2013, 1:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

But what is Dekar doing all the time?

Author:  DarnYak [ June 25th, 2013, 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Skipping some more boring DF sessions.

Wren people are starting to become a new menace to the fort. GeneralFunk was standing on a wall shooting a zombie horse that was scaring workers trying to build the wall up when one of these bastards attacked. GeneralFunk dodged the attack, but that caused him to fall outside the wall. For shits and giggles I decided to send the entire military out into the wilderness to protect him. They didn't make it in time, as almost every zombie on the map stopped idling around and charged towards the one vulnerable dwarf. The army (and the rest of the fortress wanting to pick up random crap outside) eventually got there and a large scale battle ensued. The dwarves were surprisingly effective at massacring the zombies with minimal casualties - the real problem was all the civilians running to the far reaches of the map. Well, that and the dwarves quickly getting VERY angry at fighting the undead. After around 100 dead zombies the military was pretty much ready to go into full revolt, so this is where I scrapped it and reverted to the previous save.

Take #2: The wren showed up again, nobody was on the wall this time (although a few civilians were chased up there, luckily they didn't fall to the outside). Military dispatches them with minimal issues. And then begins the long process of trying to convince the dwarves its a good idea to dump the corpses. They all revive like 5 times each, a few military squads are pissed at having to kill zombies over and over, but eventually most of the corpses are taken to the center of the fort to be smashed. Of course with the new broken bridges one of them is thrown out of the trash pit and ignored. It comes back to life, and immediately heads for the brewery. THIS IS A CRISIS!! WHO WILL SAVE OUR SUPPLY OF FINE DRINKS?!!?! WHY NONE OTHER THEN DEKAR!!!! (who was off duty and drinking straight from the brewery). He cleaved it in half like he does everything, and thus ends another episode of the legend of dekar.

For some reason the dwarves are slacking on hauling food and its starting to rot and produce miasma all around the butchery area. I have yet to discover why.

One of the corpses killed a dwarf child. Some soldiers were in the next room and refused to stop drinking to come kill the bastard.

Author:  DarnYak [ July 7th, 2014, 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Oh snap, after like 2-3 years a new DF update has finally been released. I may have to take a break from EotA2 once the main bugs are dealt with...


Author:  Dekar [ August 25th, 2014, 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

Tried 40.10, made some adjustments to world gen to get more necro towers and had incredible success on the first world it generated. :mrgreen:

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/106 ... ld_map.bmp

Quickly managed to find a start location around the center landmass with not less than 10 towers as your neighbours in addition to the 3 races and goblins. :shock:
That looks to me like a good location for the next Fort Yak, so I uploaded the region for you:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/106 ... egion3.rar

Using the 40.10 Phoebus pack, if you have any troubles.

Created a world mit 1050 years using the same parameters as the one above, got a starting location with 17 towers as neighbors (but no goblins). :mrgreen:

Author:  Mills [ June 8th, 2016, 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fort Yak

DarnYak wrote:
[...] I may have to take a break from EotA2 once the main bugs are dealt with...


Have the main bugs been dealt with yet? I've been waiting for an update for awhile now.

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