Eota Tales: By Talon, By Fang

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Eota Tales: By Talon, By Fang

Postby BoBoTheBum » July 8th, 2007, 11:26 am

The unlikely duo snuck through the woods. Neither spoke at all, unless needed. They didn't know one another's names, but their titles: The Harpy was known as "Grim Hag", and the wolf below went by the "Master of the Hunt".

The wolf snuffled around the ground, and looked up expectantly at the Hag. She nodded, and pointed due east, evoking a savage grim from the Master. They both turned the way she pointed, and began to march calmly...

Angeline surveyed the troops in front of her wearily. She was pondering how her allies were doing, when one of the footmen shouted in fear. "They're coming from nowhere!"

Indeed, Satyrs had been appearing from midair with the other savage Furbolgs and Trolls, dealing incredible damage to the rear ranks. Angeline mustered up all she could, and a great blast of wind tore the Shadowdancers, as they were known, apart.

The Master of the Hunt and Grim Hag stared at the woman from a nearby mountaintop. Without even looking up at his partner, the Master uttered one of few words that day.


With a howl, the wolf turned transparent and dashed behind Angeline quicker than the eye could see. Immediately, he tore out a specific bit of her leg. Meanwhile, the Hag swooped down, and focused a moment. She laughed at the deathscreams of the Elves being pierced by the raining blades. After the army was finished, she turned on Angeline and swooped down, knocking the woman into a nearby cliff face.

Reinforcements arrived for defenseless Angeline, but the wolf howled a terrifying howl and the troops were fearful to even get near him.

Turning back towards the Aeromancess, the Master of the Hunt lunged...
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