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PostPosted: June 11th, 2007, 8:59 pm 
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Hell, its about time.


1.11 Version Changes
  • Maximum hero respawn time has been changed to 2 seconds per hero level from a flat 2 minutes. For example, a level 10 hero now has to wait a maximum of 20 seconds, and a level 30 hero a maximum of 1 minute.
    Players of Rank 4 or above will now see a list of which enemy heroes were picked during the hero spawn time (please note this is after hero selection is finalized)
  • Time of day is now randomized at start of game
  • Camera shake effects applied to several abilities
  • Certain skills now are considered Deathblows. Should the target die within 10 seconds of being hit by a Deathblow, it will demoralize their allied army, cutting their damage in half for 15 seconds.
  • Updated spawn tower and upgrade tooltips to be more detailed
  • '-upgrade' command has been changed to '-upgrades' ('-u' still works the same)
  • Spawn overflow (where units become owned by a player other then Red/Blue) should activate a bit sooner
  • Gloomreap specific spawns now have unit upgrades
  • Anyone who hasn't upgraded their starting scroll after 10 minutes will start having 'noob' appear above their heads in hopes they'll take a hint
  • Cleaned up the Hero AI triggers in hope of improving performance
  • Clan EotA on Lordaeron (West) and Northrend (Europe) are now mentioned along with Azeroth (East)
  • New '-rotate' command added. Works much like -zoom, but lets you view the game from a different angle. Useful if you want to view the battlefield from a different perspective (ie, make kedge be left to right with '-rotate 90' rather then the default up-down)
  • Items dropped in an altar of a computer player, or player who has left the game, should now be automaticly dropped by the altar
  • Temper cooldown reduced to 1 second from 3
Stormwail Peak
  • Transmutation Shrines added
  • Terrain tweaks
  • Moved several towers slightly
  • It should now be more difficult to become stuck behind the left obelisk in middle lane
Kedge's Landing
  • Day/night cycle speed reduced by 20%
  • Added an additional cannon tower to left lane
  • Capturable towers now only hold 2 captains instead of 4
  • Cannon Tower damage increased to 142+2d15 from 125+2d10, profjectile speed increased to 1100 from 900, area effect damage increased
  • Sentry Tower damage increased to 22+1d6 from 19+1d4
  • Fixed several "sinkholes" on the beach which appeared to be shallow enough to walk through but weren't
  • Damage applied to captured towers now deals randomly between 0 and Damage, down from Damage / 2 and Damage. In addition, the maximum damage captains will take per attack is now 500, instead of no limit
  • Cannon Tower sight range increased to match its attack range
  • Fountains removed from beach lane
  • Added a third guard tower to the front most outposts on beach lane
  • Moved the front line beach lane blue outpost around a bit to make more space
  • Moontears are now only worth 1 tower core each, and both teams automaticly recieve 1 tower core at midnight (Note: This is intended as a temporary improvement until a better one is found)
Gloomreap Mire
  • Various terrain tweaks to add space for spawn towers or widen lanes
  • Gloomreap experience rate increased by 50%
  • Wheelbarrow on Gloomreap is no longer selectable
  • There are now crystal nodes called Gloomite scattered across the map. NPC miners will regularly spawn and mine these node, giving cores and increasing your Gloomite %. Upon reaching 40% of gloomite, you can force the assembling of the artifact in the center of the map, which costs 100 crystal and takes a bit of time for it to assemble. Bringing it back to base with a wagon still works the same. The NPC miners can be ordered around just by clicking on them and telling them to go somewhere else.
  • New map! Details ...lost in forum change
  • High Elves
    • Time Cleric
      • Ebb mana cost decreased, attack speed slow increased by 5% across all levels, cast range increased
      • Degeneration int bonus modifier significantly reduced
      • Base damage increased to 36+1d9 from 33+1d9, weapon upgrade damage increased to 3+1d9 from 1+1d9
    • Aeromancess
      • Tempest mana cost decreased, damage radius increased
      • Added a secondary magic attack
    • Mystic Swashbuckler
      • Demoralizing Blow cooldown reduced to 12 seconds from 16, mana cost reduced, damage int modifier increased, damage reduction increased, area of effect now increases with level
      • Dash base damage increased, agility modifier increased, damage radius increased, chagned the graphical effect on hit units, the hero is now invulnerable during the duration of the dash
      • Demoralizing Blow is now considered a Deathblow
    • Tactician
      • Promotion targetting area increased to 500 from 300
      • Banner damage bonus aura increased
      • Flank no longer takes units from combat, instead it gradually summons units to the hero over time. Once out of flank, these units will last for 20 seconds before dissappearing
      • Great Bow now allows you to cast Impaling Shot once every 50 seconds, which deals damage in a thin line. It retains the same passive bonus as before.
      • Bugfix: Promoted Archers now work correctly with the Exploding Arrows upgrade
    • Arcane Archer
      • Mass Haste now scales differently over the levels, now granting 5%, 11%, 17%, 26%, 37%, 48% instead of the previous 8% per level
      • Ethereal Healing may now only target heroes, mana cost reduced, duration changed to 3 seconds across all levels, cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 20
      • Ethereal Healing now has an int modifier
    • Blazing Priest
      • Night time vision range increased
      • Flame of the Devout healing rate reduced for lower levels, slightly stronger at level 6, now has a short range invisibility detection, cooldown increases for higher levels
      • Weapon upgrade damage reduced to 7+1d6 from 8+1d6
      • Firestorm damage at the edge of the circle reduced to 30%, from 50%
      • Backfire mana cost significantly reduced, cooldown reduced to 16 seconds from 20, duration increased to 30 seconds from 25
      • Graphical size increased slightly
      • Flame of the Devout healing is now direclty related to the flame's health, and it's been given a negative health regeneration.
    • Infiltrator
      • Attack of Opportunity is now considered a Deathblow
    • Divine Wizard
      • Vengeance is now considered a Deathblow
      • Added a secondary magic attack
      • Vengeance damage healed reduced to 30% of damage dealt, from 50%
      • Energy Drain cooldown increased to 28 seconds from 12
    • Soulbinder
      • Incinerate damage to buildings reduced to 60% from 80%
      • Decoy weapon damage should now match the real hero's damage (without items)
      • Bugfix: Decoy causing all players to select the decoy when it is created
    • Decoy portal range increased to 2000 from 1200
    • Rune Knight
      • Imbued Equipment now allows the hero to use Hazard Slash, which deals damage in 3 lines in front of the caster
        Imbued Equipment armor reduction slighty reduced, damage bonus slightly reduced, magic damage reduction slighlty lowered
      • Weapon upgrade damage reduced to 7+1d6 from 8+1d6
      • Grand Rune damage reduced for levels past 1
  • United Creeps
    • Colossus
      • Heart of the Mountain cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 20, mana cost increased
      • Crumble mana cost reduced
      • Rockslide mana cost increased, cooldown increased to 18 seconds from 14, strength damage bonus reduced
    • Grim Hag
      • Swoop's contact radius for a succesful hit reduced (making it slightly easier to dodge)
      • Attack speed increased to 1.9 from 1.7, damage increased from 29+2d8 to 31+2d8, attack range decreased to 250 from 300
      • Chaos Rift cooldown increased to 180 seconds from 150
      • Swoop is now considered a Deathblow
      • Backlash now stuns at the end of a spell instead of when it starts casting
      • Backlash now has a % chance to expire everytime its effect is activated, which decreases with higher levels of backlash. Duration for Backlash has been increased for early levels to compinsate for this change.
      • Swoop at very short range no longer has a push back and does significantly reduced damage
      • Swoop now speeds up over time, maximum swooping range now varies based hero movement speed (generaly will be roughly the same as current)
    • Arboreal Crusader
      • Gale mana cost increased, damage int modifier reduced
      • Strength gain per level reduced to 1.55 from 1.65
    • Icespinner
      • Ice Lance int bonus reduced for the damage over time portion
      • Frost Spire cooldown increased to 24 seconds from 18, mana cost increased
      • Added a secondary magic attack
      • Blizzard damage increased
      • Brain Freeze range increased to 1200 from 500
      • Chill Sacrifice heal increased, mana restored increased, range for restoring mana to allies increased to 900 from 500
      • Frost Spire damage increased
    • Acid Reaver
      • Charge is now considered a Deathblow
      • Charge now accelerates over the duration of the spell
      • Bugfix: Charge and Encouragement were based off the same spell, causing them to have linked cooldowns
      • Bugfix: Caustic Breath's cone calculations incorrect, resulting in it being half as narrow as intended
      • Bugfix: Caustic Breath leaking memory
      • Storm of Malice graphic should look more circular
      • Charge has a new graphical effect
      • Bugfix: Encouragement now properly kills magic immune units
      • New skin so he now looks more like a proper black dragonspawn
      • Storm of Malice damage significantly increased
    • Master of the Hunt
      • Lunge is now considered a Deathblow
      • Voice set changed to Spirit Wolf
      • Lunge damage color changed to prevent confusing it with a critical strike
      • After casting Lunge or Hamstring, the hero will automaticly be ordered to attack the target
    • Dread Shaman
      • Bugfix: Spiritwatcher Totem had 0 range for all levels past 1
      • Bugfix: Tooltips and mana costs for all totems usualy showing incorrect levels
      • Mass Regeneration now has an Int modifier, base heal lowered to compinsate
    • Arcane Mistress
      • Damage for her secondary magic attack allowing her to attack ethereal units lowered
      • Skeletal Minion acquisition range increased to 900 from 500
  • Neutral
    • Pandarean Earthbrother
      • Stoneskin cooldown increased for levels past 1
      • Hurl Boulder stun duration decreased to 3 seconds from 5, cooldown increased to 25 seconds from 16
      • Earth Shock cooldown increased to 14 seconds from 12
    • Pandarean Fire Knight
      • Consume duration decreased to 2 seconds from 4, health absorbed doubled
      • Pheonix Storm damage increased, hit damage radius increased, mana cost reduced
      • Flame Shock attack speed reduction increased for lower levels
    • Dwarven Blackguard
      • Sacrifice health restored doubled, cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 8
    • Marksman
      • Mark armor reduction increased to 8 from 5
      • Healing Brew health restored increased
  • Tier 1 mercenary teams reduced in offensive power but increased in defensive power; specificly, hit points increased, armor increased, damage reduced, the melee types gain a 3 point physical damage reduction, the "leader" gets a warstomp on a 5 minute cooldown
  • All mercenary team units movement speed increased to 340 from 300
  • Kedge's Arcane Wagons hit points increased to 900 from 600, movement speed reduced to 140 from 200
  • Murloc spawn towers are now properly affected by global upgrades
  • Units now activate mana shield immediately upon spawning
  • Satyr Tricksters and Satyr Shadowdancers renamed to just Tricksters and Shadowdancers
  • Ice Troll Beserkers renamed to Headhunters
  • Ice Troll High Priests renamed to Soothsayers
  • Swampling attack range reduced to 40 from 100
  • Sorceress/Soothsayer mana regeneration increased to 1.8 from 0.5
  • Priest/Trickster mana regeneration increased to 3.0 from 0.8
  • Bugfix: All United Creep mercenary teams are now affected by the proper upgrades
  • Altars have been shrunken in size
  • Workers and Cargo planes may now purchase consumable items. However, in order to enable this change, workers and cargo planes are capable of using items, but doing so will result in the immediate death of that unit.
  • Polar Furbolgs' weapon attack sound changed from WoodHeavyBash to WoodMediumBash
  • Dimensional wand maximum range reduced to 700 from 900
  • Trapping Nets may now only target heroes, range increased to 650 from 500, duration reduced to 2.5 seconds from 3.5
  • Spider Web may now only target heroes, duration reduced to 3 seconds from 3.5
  • Frozen Skull now deals a maximum of 360 damage per wave (9 units), if it exceeds that the damage is divided among all targets, damage to buildings reduced to 30% from 50%
  • Charms of the Bear, Cat, and Owl now increase their respective attribute by (Hero Level / 2), instead of a flat 20
  • Talisman of the Sun buff reduced by about 50%
  • Wretched skull poison duration on heroes reduced to 4 seconds from 10
  • Felskin Gauntlets evocation bonus reduced

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PostPosted: June 20th, 2007, 9:34 pm 
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Only 8 people got 1.11b before I took the download down, but I bumped the version anyway.

1.11b Version Changes
  • Abilities that can result in a unit landing on unwalkable terrain now have extra checks to try and bump it to an ok spot. If that fails, units will be instantly killed, but heroes will be left stranded for now. I'll be adding new stuff to help handle this situation later.
  • Hero kills by towers now give full exp
  • Stormwail Peak
    • Bonus core generation for controlling more obelisks reduced from 100% of a tower to 20%
  • Kedge's Landing
    • Tower kills now give 50% of normal exp
  • Candleburg
    • Tower kills now give 80% of normal exp
    • [Bugfix] Certain trees can be properly destroyed
  • Elven Battalion
    • Soulbinder
      • [Bugfix] Mend consumes mana again
    • Aeromancess
      • [Bugfix] AI should no longer be causing infinite length non channeling holds
    • Tactician
      • Flank duration reduced to 40 seconds from 90
      • [Bugfix] Flank now summons only the listed amount per cast total
  • United Creeps
    • Scarab
      • [Bugfix] Nightmare fixed
    • Dread Shaman
      • [Bugfix] Mass Regeneration was healing both its 1.10 and 1.11 values combined
      • [Textfix] Mass Regeneration -s listing fixed
    • Arcane Mistress
      • [Bugfix] Haunt's Wraith talent no longer activates without it being researched (not suppose to be possible in 1.11)
  • Grim Brigade
    • Incarnation
      • [Textfix] Avatar tooltip duration fixed
      • [Bugfix] Gravebind skeletons being summoned in response to other abilities or items
      • [Textfix] Gravebind learn tooltip listed the ability falsely dealing damage
      • [Bugfix] Dark Altar will no longer heal wards
      • Rend Soul's area damage total will appear over the caster rather then the target
      • Rend Soul damage reduced
      • Dark Altar health reduced
      • Remorseless made stronger at lower levels, but a bit weaker at higher
      • Dark Altar healing reduced
      • Dark Altar duration reduced to 30 seconds, from 60
    • Ascendant
      • Ravenous Dive pickup range increased, should no longer pass up units you were pushing (and as a bonus, it can grab a bit extra range to the sides)
      • [Textfix] Fixed it saying 'Gargoyle' in the hero selection
      • Ravenous Dive speed increased by 25%, damage rate increased accordingly
      • Minor graphic update on Ravenous Dive
      • Minor graphic update on Terra Smash
      • Energy Shield skill replaced with Aberration
      • Ravenous Dive heal ratio increased
    • Emberwraith
      • Cauterize no longer show's -0's when no damage was done
      • Pyroclasm damage to buildings reduced to 60%
      • [Bugfix] Smolder will hopefully stop crashing the game
      • [Bugfix] Cauterize will properly damage wards
      • Movement speed reduced to 270 from 290
      • [Bugfix] Corona's graphic should stop vanishing while still active
      • Corona is now canceled by silence effects (not stuns, or interrupts, just silence effects)
      • Corona's damage is now suspended when under phase type effects
      • Smolder - Enkindle's healing rate reduced
      • Smolder - Enkindle now drains mana per second while active
      • Pyroclasm base damage reduced slightly
      • Cauterize cooldown increased, now decreases with level (like every other dispel)
    • Forlorn Martyr
      • [Bugfix] -s shows spell values now
      • [Bugfix] Items no longer charge Stormspire
      • Stormspire health reduced
      • Stormspire mana from int and charge rate reduced
      • Stormspire movement speed bonus halved
      • Stormspire Blitz Aura range reduced to 500 from 900
      • Polarize duration on heroes reduced to 12 seconds from 30
    • Sorrow Liege
      • [Bugfix] Mortal Strike should automaticly turn off auto cast when turned on
      • [Bugfix] Order Attack working
      • Shadow Bastion right clicking should act more like intended
    • Nephilim
      • Ignis Salvo now only displays damage numbers when it hits heroes
    • Defiler
      • Pestilence now loses 7% of its damage on a kill
      • [Textfix] Pestilence listed keeping 75% damage per jump on a non-kill, when it was acutaly 85%
      • [Bugfix] Exhaustion can be properly dispelled
      • Trap Corpse cooldown increased to 20 seconds from 8
      • Blight range reduced to 600 from 900
      • Blight damage int bonus reduced
      • Exhaustion stun chance increased
    • High Oracle
      • Ki Blitz healing reduced
  • [Bugfix] Frost Wyrms can properly attack air units
  • Frost Wyrm attack speed reduced to 2.2 from 3.0, damage scaled to match
  • Lost Soul's now Polymorph into Giant Rats instead of Rats

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PostPosted: June 21st, 2007, 1:13 am 
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Sorry for the bad release of 1.11b, it appeared to have a memory leak, and some other bugs so I wanted to fix those quickly. I couldn't find any good reason for there to be a memory leak, so there's a chance there's one in this version as well, which will be found and fixed as soon as possible if so. If you think there's a memory leak in a game you play, please post in the Bug Report fortum with as much information as you can provide (map, heroes used are most important)


1.11c Version Changes
  • United Creeps
    • Dread Shaman
      • [Bugfix] Mass Regeneration heals again
  • Grim Brigade
    • Incarnation
      • Rend Soul cast range reduced to 400 from 700
    • Forlorn Martyr
      • [Bugfix] Streak should no longer try to bump you out of water when you're not in water
      • Polarize damage reduced
    • Nephilim
      • [AI fix] AI should now properly know which skills are on which pages
    • Defiler
      • Pestilence cast range reduced to 400 from 700
      • Pestilence damage reduced

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PostPosted: August 12th, 2007, 8:04 pm 
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Version 1.11d released

Version changes


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PostPosted: August 15th, 2007, 6:17 pm 
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Version 1.11e released

No patch notes, just bug fixes.


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