Eve of the Apocalypse: Twilight

An Aeon of Strife map for Warcraft 3
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PostPosted: February 13th, 2012, 5:46 am 
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Hello thar!

I got several small things I'd like to say:

• Please change the effect of 'Mana Storm', in its current state it is very laggy and also completly overlaps any other effect, so noone can tell what's going on anymore. I already got a few effect ideas which don't use the cloud model which as we all know eats a lot performance. For example you could create a ring/zone of pulsating effects, for example the damage effect of manaburn might also suit the theme "Mana Storm" if there is a whole refreshing area full of them. In case you got no ideas i can trigger some.

• I've been wondering how much little tweaks and balancing besides broken stuff (CLOUD GOD DAMMIT) you are doing or planning to do, there are a few small issues that could be worked on.

• Please add an effect for Aero's channel. I heard it just bugs out, in that case please use a different effect model (there are a lot suitable ones, or take some from hiveworkshop).

• Though this doesn't fit here there are sometimes random crashes which kill Wc3, maybe there is something looping under certain circumstances or whatever. It might be fixed in the current version.

• Are you willing to accept several ideas for the rework/improvement of certain heroes?

• How much new heroes (if at all) are you planning to add (because I got a lot unused ideas or could create some on my own, IF you are no jass snob and accept Gui [nowadays GUI will not reduce anyones performance much, its 2012])-

That are all things i can think about at the moment. If there is anything else I will edit it in/post it here.


PostPosted: February 13th, 2012, 8:45 pm 
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Regarding Mana Storm

Balancing I'm continuing to do, particularly number tweaks. Stuff like cloud was just introduced this version so is guarunteed to get changes.

Aero's Tempest - It has a graphic, everytime I try to test it works perfectly, everytime its a real game it doesn't. Fuck if i know what's going on there.

Random crashes - its a constant battle, at this point its almost exclusively memory leaks, of which WC3 provides zero useful information for identifying the source of. This version saw a partial fix of a memoryleak I only recently became aware of (thanks again for your terrible coding blizz) and it seemed to have positive results, although doing a complete fix would take me quite a while of time i don't plan to spend.

Reworking heroes - Note the "Great Hero Review" threads in the balance forum. I'm currently going through all the undead and creeps are next, but this doesn't exclude elven heroes if there's good & necessary ideas.

Future heroes - There's one more planned before I consider the map finished and turn it over to public continuation. WC3's pretty much dead and I wouldn't be working on EotA at all at this point except I'm using it to experiment for EotA2.


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