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 Post subject: Wind Barrier
PostPosted: September 14th, 2011, 2:30 pm 

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IIRC Aeromancess' 'Mana Rush' ability is getting revamped. I had an idea for a spell that could replace it and could go well with her theme:

Wind Barrier.
Enchantment,Physical (or evocation, her 'gale' spell is evocation so i dunno)

The Aeromancess creates a wind barrier around the target hero.
The shield's visual effect could be 'rejuvenation' but instead blue, and faster (if it's possible to speed up the animation)

1st Effect
The wind barrier can cause ranged attacks on the target to miss. The wind has no effect on attacks before a certain range; so if the minimum range of effect (RoE) is 400 and a melee unit/ranged unit within 400 range attacks the hero, then they have no miss chance. However, if a unit fires from outside of the minimum range then they have a chance to miss.
As the spell is levelled up, the minimum range decreases:
550, 525, 500, 475, 450, 400
The chance to miss could go up the further away a unit is from the minimum RoE. Minimum miss chance (the chance to hit if the unit is right on the RoE):
10%, 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%

2nd Effect
The Wind Barrier causes damage to units around the hero, dealing the most damage near half the radius of the RoE. The AoE of the spell itself is 275, always.
Maximum damage dealt (when units are at the halfway point of the radius of the RoE) per second:
12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 +(0.1*Int) for all.

Talent related to spell.
Impassible winds: Enemy heros and units at the half-way point of the radius of the RoE have a chance to be knocked away from the hero.
Level 1 of talent: 1% per level of spell
Level 2 of talent: 1.5% per level of spell

I'm not sure if this kind of design is possible but it feels, to me, like a mix between Incarnation's Corona and his passive skill.
I didn't want to get too specific with the details of the spell, if it gets a thumbs up i'll think of some stuff, unless someone else wants to do so.

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