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Smaller and less selection circles (hp bars)
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Author:  Skasi [ September 10th, 2011, 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Smaller and less selection circles (hp bars)

Most players ignore selection circles, I am sure. They are of no importance gameplay wise, they don't add to the atmosphere, don't make the game easier and.. ah well you get my point.

The only really important thing regarding selection circles is the fact that the size of hp- and mana bars displayed above units is based upon them. On average, when there's a small army of creeps, the bars take up a quarter the screen even at the default zoom level. Since bars are not scaled when zooming out, this sums up to bars filling half my screen if not more.

There's two ways to improve this:
1) Simply divide all the current selection circles by 2 for heroes, 3 for units and 4 for buildings. Buildings tend to have very big bars simply because they are very big and so are their selection circles ->4. Units are smaller, so for them to still be clearly visible ->3. Heroes are a bit bigger, they are what the game is all about. There are not many and they're all very powerful, so /2 should be enough.

2) Use the ability "Invulnerable (Neutral)" and '"isbldg' or 'Stats - Is a Building' = true" or simply a selection circle of 0.00 for any invulnerable unit. This way its hp bar will not be displayed and not clutter the screen.

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