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 Post subject: Radial/Conic Shockwave
PostPosted: June 29th, 2011, 11:38 am 
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I thought of this skill just before I went to bed last night and so i thought I would put it up on this board to see if anyone wants to use it. The basic idea of the skill would be that the hero launches shockwaves of an increasing number at each level. These shockwaves would get sent out at different angles (as opposed to being sent repeatedly in a line like its some shockwave machinegun or some shit like that.) The idea would be that anyone close to the hero when he casts this skill would potentially be hit by more than one shockwave (at higher levels.) These shockwaves would individually do low-ish damage because the idea is that you want to hit a hero with multiple waves up close and personal. At a distance an enemy hero could dodge the attack entirely if standing at the correct angles.

I thought of the skill in two different format. The first format would be a radial. All angles are listed assuming that the hero is facing 90'.

Radial Form

Level 1
1 wave launches directly in front of the hero at 90'. (This would make the jump from level 1 to 2 very powerful.)
2 waves launch at 90' and 270'. (This would look stupid.)

Level 2
4 waves launch at 0', 90', 180', and 270'.

Level 3
6 waves launch at 90', 270', and, uh, the other four angles of the points of a hexagon as measured from its center.

From there on the skill would increase waves by two each level, so the next levels would use the angle points of an octagon, decagon, and dodecagon, respectively.

Sorry if that explanation was kind of shitty. Its been a long time since I took a geometry class, or any math class for that matter.

Conic Form

Level 1
1 wave, looks just like shockwave.

Level 2
3 waves launched at 45', 90', and 135'.

Repeat until a full circle is formed.

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