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 Post subject: Hero Suggestion: Bodach
PostPosted: November 11th, 2009, 5:39 pm 

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Hello again, due to my stay at a hospital I was rather bound to bed, so I developed myself a hero idea again !

Name: Lokon
Hero Class: Bodach
Background: Little is known about the origin or intentions of these rare creatures. Some call them undead , some elemental, some demon and some even call them divine. They usually seek places marked by death and suffering to feed on pain and despair. The greater the destruction happening at one place, the more likely it is that a Bodach will appear. Why one of these creatures has allied with the Grim Brigade and how they gained control of it is unknown, unlike the destructive mayhem it inflicts on the battlefield.

Model Suggestion: Unbroken in complete black (e.g glowing white eyes)
Attribute Suggestions:
Strength : High (Primary)
Agility : High
Intelligence: Low

Base Attack : High
Base Attack Speed: Poor
Base Armor : High
Base MS : Medium
Attack Range : Melee

Faction: Grim Brigade

Skill Suggestions

Innate: Unveil
Passive Bonus: Lokon gains vision of every corpse in a radius of x around him, while the sight range of the corpse is x.
Active: Lokon teleports himself to target visible corpse (without max range increment) and is teleported back to his original position after x seconds.

First Skill: Rigor Mortis
Target hero is affected by "Rigor Mortis" for x * int mod seconds. Every time target hero attacks with his base attack, he looses x mana. For each x% maximum mana target hero is missing he looses x armor and his movement & attack speed is reduced by x%.

Mana loss and the penalties per fraction of maximum mana missing increase , while the cooldown of the spell decreases per level,

Second Skill: Retribution
Lokon targets a hero and channels for x seconds. During channeling every 1/x seconds a corpse in x radius around lokon is transformed into a magic missile. If the channeling ends or is interrupted every missile impacts the target hero, if he is still in range, or another target (no matter if allied or not) if he is not in range anymore. Each missile deals x (increased by int mod) damage.

Damage and maximum range(and maybe the interval of corpses being converted) increases with level.

Third Skill: Siphon Power
Lokon drains the life essence of target hero in melee range. Draining x health and mana (increased by str mod) as well as draining x points of strength, agility and intelligence per second, until target hero leaves the maximum range of the spell. If target hero leaves the maximum range of the spell the lost attribute/ bonus attribute points will gradually revert themselves to normal. If any attribute of the target hero would drop below zero, target hero is slain.

Amount of Health, Mana and attribute points drained per second increases with level, aswell as the time needed for the attribute points to be fully restored / lost.

Fourth Skill: Shadowbirth
Lokon creates a shadow image of target unit or hero. The creation has x% of the original's power and last for x (increased by int mod) seconds. The shadows spawned are controlled by the computer player.

The percentage factor increases with level.


Either: Avatar of Death
Lokon starts channeling after skill activation. He begins to assemble a bone minion using corpses in x radius around him. Each 1/x seconds another corpse is added to the bone minion, adding x health and x damage to the bone minion per corpse. The channeling lasts until interrupted or until no corpse is in radius. The bone minion lasts x second after channeling ends, follows Lokon and is destroyed if separated from him.

Power added per corpse and duration increases per level. Also the minion gains skills like cleave with increasing level.

Or: Festering
Target non-hero unit ( no matter if allied or not) is affected by "Festering" for x seconds. Target unit takes x damage (increased by int mod) per second. Upon death target unit explodes in an contagious nova dealing x (increased by str mod) damage to nearby hostile units, as well as affecting them with "Festering". These units affected by "Festering" take x damage (increased by int mod, less than the first affected unit) per second and spawn the same nova with the same damage upon death.

Festering Damage, Nova damage and radius, aswell as duration increases with level.


Bound Power
Upgrades: 3
Crystal Cost: High
Skills affected: Siphon Power
Description: Attribute points that have been drained do not gradually restore/vanish if the target hero is within 1000 /1500 /2000
range of Lokon.

Shadow Mastery
Upgrades: 1
Crystal Cost: Extreme
Skills affected: Shadowbirth
Description: Enables the spawned shadows to use the skills of their original. The damage of those skills are as potent as the current percentage of power given to the shadow minion.

Upgrades: 4
Crystal Cost: Low / Low / Average / High
Skills affected: Unveil
Description: This talent increases the maximum range of the passive effect of Unveil.

Upgrades: 2
Crystal Cost: Average / High
Skills affected: Rigor Mortis
Description: Heroes affected by Rigor Mortis will have a delay upon skill activation . Meaning, skills will go off 1/x / x seconds later after activated.

Comments are welcome, hope you will find it interesting,

PostPosted: November 11th, 2009, 5:57 pm 
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Siphon power seems like it could be pretty overpowered. I think the bone minion ultimate is the better idea.


PostPosted: November 12th, 2009, 6:27 pm 
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use both ultimates (one as standard abil), remove skills 3 and 4.

Make a new one.

My first idea:
Leech Corpse (active) (low mana cost) If targeting a unit, bodach loses x health, launching a corpse at target unit. If targeting a corpse, boadach pulls it towards him, healing x health instantly.

I miss EotA :(

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