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PostPosted: October 22nd, 2009, 10:21 am 

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Hello Guys, I bring you my newest Hero Idea, although with a slightly new layout, hope you enjoy it

Hero Class: Arch Druid
Background: Being the most powerful and oldest druid among the elves. Although he has sworn never to intervene with
the fate of the world he feels the responsibility to aid his kin in this war. He did not join this war to defeat
someone , he joined it to protect his kind.
Model Suggestion: Furion model without elk

Attribute Suggestions: Strength : Average
Agility : Low
Intelligence: High (Primary)

Base Attack : Average
Base Attack Speed: Low
Base Armor : Low
Base MS : High
Attack Range : 600

Faction: High Elves

Skill Suggestions

Innate: Proliferation
Halcyon spawns a vine at target location.
The vine has health equal to a fraction of Halcyons Health.
The vine slows down nearby hostile units by a trivial amount.
It can be enchanted and altered by Halcyons other spells.
Halcyon can have a maximum of X vines active.

First Skill: Swarm of Flies
Halcyon sends a swarm of flies towards hostile units in a cone shaped area.
Each unit affected by these flies has reduced vision, movement speed and is unable to attack for a set
amount of time.

If this is cast on a vine, it is able to give invisibility to units very close to the vine.
The Duration depends on the skill level of Swarm of Flies.

The duration the affected units are unable to attack and the vison and movement speed loss is increased by
level. Also the AoE Range is increased with level.

Seconds Skill: Ion Mist
Halcyon strikes a target with lightning. The target is damaged by evocation damage and charged up.
Each X seconds the charged up effect jumps to the closest hostile target which is damaged by the same
amount. The Spell repeats this effect until it has made it's jumps. If no valid target is nearby the
spell stays dormant on the actual target until another target comes into range target. If the unit with this
effect would have died before the effect could jump on, the effect jumps on instantly.

If this is cast on a vine, it gains an attack modifier , dealing x% evocation damage of the actual spell per
strike in X range.
The amount of shots until the effect vanishes depends on the level of Ion Mist.

The damage of the spell is increased by an low - average Int Modifier.
Damage, damage modifier, Nubmer of Jumps and maximum jumping range increases with level while
the jumping interval decreases.

Third Skill: Soothing Seed
Halcyon enchants a target allied unit with an Soothing Seed. If the enchanted unit is damaged the seed
dissolves, heals nearby allied units and gives them a temporary physical damage reduction while doing so.

If this spell is cast on a vine it is transmuted into a "factory". Every X seconds it spawns a vine spawn for x
Amount spawned and strength of these creatures is determined by the level of the spell and/or modifiers.

The Amount healed is increased by a low Int Modifier.
Amount healed , Modifier , Area of effect and duration of the physical damage reduction increases with level.

Fourth Skill Shockwave
Halcyon creates a shockwave between him and target hostile hero in melee range. The Target takes
physical Strength based damage and is intensely knocked backwards. If the target collides with something
in this manner Strength based AoE damage is dealt at the colliding location.

If this spell is cast on a vine, the vine gains an Anti-Hero attack, that deals no damage but knocks hostile
heroes backwards each time it attacks them. Amount of shots and attacking interval is determined by the
skills level.

Damage, Modifier, AoE Damage and Knockback Potency are increased while cooldown is decreased per
Ultimate Crush
Target hero is dealt damage equal to a massive relativity of the target heroes armor. Target hero is also
slowed down by 100% , gradually regaining his speed over x seconds.

If this spell is cast on a vine , it is destroyed and deals AoE damage equal to x% of it's life in a huge area.
The percentage of lfie converted to damage increase with level.

Armor-to-damage modifier, Cast Range and the Duration increases per level.


True Strike Upgrades: 1
Crystal Cost: High
Skills affected: Crush
Description: Negative effects that would decrease the armor of a hostile hero are ignored by Crush.
So it deals damage determined by the targets actual armor plus any effect that would increase its

Vitality Upgrades: 3
Crystal Cost: Low / Average / Average
Skills affected: Proliferation
Description: Increases the Life modifier of Vines. For Example 15 % / 20 % /25 % of the Halcyons health.

Guide the Lightning Upgrades: 4
Crystal Cost: Average / Average / High / High
Skills affected: Ion Mist
Description: This talent gives the spell Ion mist a chance to jump to the next nearby hero instead of the
closest possible unit and increases this chance per level.

Hope you will find it interesting, if you find a spelling mistake you can keep it,

PostPosted: October 22nd, 2009, 2:07 pm 

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This actually sounds like a pretty cool take on things. The only thing I can think of to suggest right now is to make the vines immune to/highly resistant to dispels, so the Arch Druid isn't entirely negated by one hero who levelled a dispel.

"L4D2 promises to set a new benchmark for co-op games. . ." Like L4D promised to hand us new maps, survivors, and zombies? We've seen how that works.

PostPosted: October 22nd, 2009, 6:47 pm 
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I'd say change soothing seed's secondary. Other than that pretty good.

I miss EotA :(

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