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 Post subject: Neutral Heroes
PostPosted: August 27th, 2009, 4:50 pm 

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These are two suggestions based on the idea that the tavern heroes are intended to augment a roster that is perhaps a little weak in an area (marksman for some HK help, lightning for some aoe help, etc), and I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a neutral hero thats really a support hero, and could use a siege hero who sieges a bit differently than mr invulnerable panda. these are incredibly generalized, and I'm more hoping to ignite some discussion about some new roles for the neutral heroes (like a sieger, a healer, a buffer, etc) that could make picking one a more involved decision.

Dwarven Hero - Forged (graphic that of a mountain king under the effects of avatar)
This is intended to be a new sieger/tank with some AoE damage and debuff support to help keep any merc waves from killing the sieging army.
-Rain of Fire, pretty much the way it works it in the game, some medium aoe damage with an ignite for some additional damage even after something moves out of it.
-volcano, the ultimate from the fire elemental tavern hero in standard FT. The stun on it might be overkill, but it might not since these are AI-only heroes. intended to be the main 'siege' spell.
-thunderclap, intended for the attack speed and movement speed debuff.
-frost armor (rename it to 'cold iron' or something in theme of a metal dwarf) armor buff for heroes and troops and another way to mildly debuff the enemy
-avatar, no damage bonus, meant to just be a large hp gain and damage reduction boost (would it be hard to remove the magic immunity and just have magic damage reduction?)

as you can see, he doesn't really have any true nukes, closest being thunderclap. shouldn't be much of a threat to enemy heroes, but should be incredibly threatening to base if left alone or supported. the volcano, while potentially base-raping, is channeled, so very vulnerable to interrupt. However, he should also be difficult to outright kill, just due to large hp and armor, plus his various attack speed/movement speed debuffs that only last a short time, and having no range or being reactive only prevents them from being snares for retreating enemy heroes.

Penguin Hero - Tallling(penguin graphic, or can be renamed and remodeled to just about anything)
this is intended to be a buffer/debuffer, a healer, and a dispel happy hero. essentially, intended to make an enemy BP (or any other heavy buff/summons hero) cry.
-spell steal, as from a elven spellbreaker. not only do you remove debuffs and buffs, but you steal them as well. likely too strong for a player hero, but thats why it should go on an AI hero. plus, this would drastically help with some counters (like a tree dropping a taunting treant, no regular dispel is a real counter to that). I know you said nothing complex, but it would be nice if this could be broken into two separate spells, a spamable buff stealing version, and a long cooldown summon stealing version, or possibly change it to be an aoe spell that has a large cooldown (would that even work for spellsteal?)
-troop heal, like a chain heal or healing ward
-an aura designed to counter an enemy AoE hero, like a magic damage reduction aura.
-ethereal. could just be the base ethereal from the blood mage, intended to help an allied hero get in a mega-nuke. possibly reduce movement speed reduction, similar to but not as extreme as infernal binding.
-ok, no real idea for a 5th skill, could be possible that spell steal counts as two so no need. however, if you go with a penguin hero, please put in an easter egg involving it having the shortling action figure (maybe just have it use the action figure whenever it casts a skill or gets a kill).

yeah my support hero needs some significant help, however i really like the idea of adding a strategy decision to which hero to take (o god mass merc waves = lightning panda for aoe power, o god a BP and we dont have a dispeler = penguin). Also, the reason i didn't come up with a support panda or dwarf, is i felt that neither of them should outnumber the other (that and the tallling pun just seemed so great that i had to go for a penguin)

 Post subject: Re: Neutral Heroes
PostPosted: August 27th, 2009, 5:48 pm 
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Although I rarely hire merc heroes, the idea isn't bad. I like it.

Too, how about a version where we get to actually play the neutral heros? Now wouldn't that be cool.

And just for the record, I really really really really would like to see a dwarf hero in EotA, a playable one. :wink:

I'm damn serious.



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