Eve of the Apocalypse: Twilight

An Aeon of Strife map for Warcraft 3
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PostPosted: August 16th, 2015, 5:36 pm 
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Goal: Fastest time to beat the (normal?) AIs on Stormwail.

The Plan:

The first question is whether victory is faster by artifact or destroying the main base. If the answer is 'artifact', then that means the minimum game-time is around an hour, and involves lots of map control, which is basically a normal match. So I'm assuming that's not the case.

* If the fastest victory is by destroying the main base, which route is fastest? Via the mid lane (taking mid + rock) with more troops and early the support of golems? Or is it by taking the side base and making a direct attack?
* As long as the important lanes are succeeding, I don't think losing other lanes matters.
* Bunching up too much will lose out on experience though; 2 heroes get 100% exp, 3 heroes get a bit less each, 4+ heroes together suffer pretty badly.
* The best heroes seem to be: Blazing Priest, Arcane Archer, Dread Shaman, Pearl, Oracle. Tact might be okay, Colossus has a buff that doesn't stack with BP's.
* Valuable tools include: siege gens, mercs, consumable summoning items, possibly certain items (mending orb).
* The command tower in the reserve base is probably useful?

My best guess at a plan is (if we're on the bottom base), rush the topmost ob that the AIs usually claim and deny it, and place our own ob there (useful for the tp + won't get many obs otherwise). Buy all possible mercs on the top lane, timing it so that they bunch up, and try take the top base immediately with all five and capture it.

Then, we want to make progress against the main base via the top entrance, which probably needs siege gens (12 energy each). If three people get the Engineer talent (+8 energy), those can be popped up very early, and AA's owl can maintain vision. (The alternative of waiting on energy from levels takes too long.)

From there, bust into the base, capture the outpost, move the siege gens forward, and have them hammer the main until victory. (Stacked bombs would be faster, if we're allowing it.)

Could this be done in 25 minutes?


PostPosted: August 17th, 2015, 5:59 am 
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Yeah engineer would be the way, then take the right sub base of the main, plant 4 explosive gens there, defend them and then boom.
Command towers would be a must for the team trying to do this strategy because you don't want your troops to go all the way, just stay at the right sub base.

Maybe incarnation would be a must too because of the imba altar, pair it with murloc which gives a lot of dead murlocs which trigger altar and you can go on and on, and both can heal troops/heroes.
This way AA isn't that important, since you might not need siege gens at all, BP well... gives troops, gives buffs, heals, good at siegeing... DS is a must because the ulti would help a lot should they bunch and try to defend, and well our favorite totem (tide).

Welcome to the EotA speed runs era.

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